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  1. Hi @NicoD do you know if the NPU is working on the Vim3 using Armbian? I received my Vim3 yesterday so I still have a lot of reading to do.
  2. I don't know if this is still relevant. But maybe for future reference. If you remove the EMMC chip, power up the board and after 1 or 2 seconds plug the EMMC module in. That way the board boots from the SDcard and the EMMC chip is still recognized. I was able to manually mount the EMMC chip and/or reflash using armbian-config.
  3. Just to confirm you are on this kernel right? Linux 5.10.16-rockchip64
  4. You could also I used to have a lot of hangs with older mainline kernels. Since I am on the latest everything is running smoothly for me. You could try the latest kernel. You can't download this kernel from the website. You can download this kernel through armbian-config. Armbian 21.02.2 Buster with Linux 5.10.16-rockchip64
  5. Try the latest. I also used to have lot's of crashes. But not anymore. You can download this kernel through armbian-config. Armbian 21.02.2 Buster with Linux 5.10.16-rockchip64
  6. Just want to let you guys know that my Nanopi M4V2 runs smooth, cold and hangfree with the latest version. I accidently installed a mainline kernel instead of legacy, but haven't been having any problems since. I can't seem to download this version from the website (there latest is 5.10.12), but you can install this kernel with armbian-config. Armbian 21.02.2 Buster with Linux 5.10.16-rockchip64 Great work guys!
  7. Thank you for the hint. I lowered the CPU to 1.8 ghz maximum. I'll try if it makes any difference. Also thank you for the tip. I'll try the legacy kernel if lowering the CPU speed doesn't make any difference. Am I going to miss certain function if I would switch to the legacy kernel?
  8. Hi, My Nanopi M4V2 often gets unresponsive. I cannot reach the nginx server when that happens. SSH also stops working. The red led is on, and the green led stops blinking when it happens. Any tips on what I can try? Running: Armbian buster with Linux 5.4.49-rockchip64 with heatsink from EMMC. http://ix.io/2u4O
  9. It's not your fault. It's a bug in the latest Focal release. Yesterday I flashed the latest Focal release available on the website. Everything was working fine until I did a 'sudo apt-get update && sudu apt-get upgrade". After that the kernel updated and my wifi interface was gone. Buster does not have this bug. So if you are going to reinstall, make sure to flash Buster. Otherwise every time you will run and 'upgrade' it will destroy your wifi interface.
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