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  1. Got my new PSU today, everything back to normal. Now onwards for another 3 years of continuous usage! For the record everyone I got a 100W Synology 4 PIN power supply for $89 AUD. You'll need 100W if you're going to be powering all 4 SATA drives at once.
  2. I am in Australia. Do you think that its a problem with the PSU brick or the Helios4 board? I should be able to source a Synology PSU if that fits?
  3. So today my Helios4 has died. The power supply is not supplying the correct 5v and 12v voltages through the molex and the drives are sadly just sitting there making a ticking noise. One drive has now failed completely. I'll be honest ive been running this non stop since September 2017 with 99.999% uptime. I am unable to stabling power 1 SATA drive.