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    Thee Oh reacted to jobh in Armbian for Amlogic S805 and S802/S812   
    About the problems in the belink tvbox s82 soc 802 2gb ram I think it would only delete the file armbian_first_run.txt file to fix it, I have a tvbox mbox s82 soc s802 2gb ram and experience the same problems as those described in this forum for the belink s82 soc 802 and could not install armbiam. But I finally got it.
    The steps followed were:
    1.       Download the file Armbian_5.32_S812_DEBIAN_jessie_3.10.99_server_20170924.img.xz of the link
    2.        I unzipped the file with xz # xz --decompress  Armbian_5.32_S812_Debian_jessie_3.10.99_server_20170924.img.xz
    3.       Record Armbian_5.32_S812_DEBIAN_jessie_3.10.99_server_20170924.img with etcher in a microSD card class 4
    4.       Rename the file meson8_k200b_2G_emmc_sdhc.dtb file within the folder dtb as dtb.img and place it in the root of the microSD card.
    5.       Install the autoscript_aml file pushing with a toothpick inside the headphones jack simultaneously with the power button until the logo of the Tvbox and then release.
    6.       At the start of the boot screen is pixelated and colored after a couple of minutes the screen turns black and  nothing happens wait for fifteen minutes then I turned off the Tvbox.
    7.       I extracted the microSD card from the tv box and rename the file armbian_first_run.txt to armbian_first_run.txt.bk also rename the files aml_autoscript and to aml_autoscript.bk and
    8.       Place  the microSD card but now  in microSD to usb adapter and plug it into a USB  port of the Tvbox and start it, this time the system started with the screen pixilated and colored  between 2 and 3 minutes after appears a black screen for a couple of minutes and finally appears the Linux boot lines and linux comand promt, I signed me  as root pass 1234  finally asks me the password change and the system is functioning normally then. 
    To be sure I repeated the process  but this time in a flash usb   2.0 ( flash usb 3.0 does not work in my tvbox also do not work with libreelect or lakka ) but with the new installation, just delete the file armbian_first_run.txt file and rename the files  aml_autoscript and how aml_autoscript.bk and the system works  without any problem since the first time, I already have internet via ethernet wifi doesn't work also install openbox with what I have a modest graphical interface and install Firefox, some pages have audio problems but youtube works well.
    Note: I can't install the system into a micro SD plugged in the micro SD port of the Tv Box its not work me.
    * unplug all other  USB devices: keyboards, mouses,etc to do the steps above.
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    Thee Oh reacted to vlna in Beelink x2 wifi problems   
    I've built fresh image for Beelink X2 on 2020-07-18. Focal with Xorg only. It looks even wifi works out of box.
    Download image at