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  1. See public HW documentation page 154 and 153. There is described what all numbers on label means. Public documentation is older and 1.2 GHz variant is missing here. But you can deduce that its Speed Code is 120. From your photos I cannot read all numbers on that chip. I see that first line is 88F3-BVB2, but I cannot read other lines.
  2. Content of known bits in OTP: SVC revision is 5 600 MHz mode is not supported 800 MHz mode uses 1.073V 1000 MHz mode uses 1.155V 1200 MHz mode is not supported I guess it is not needed. In OTP is burned that 1.2GHz mode is not supported, so some lowest default value was chosen by WTMI. So the result is that your SoC most probably does not contain 1.2 GHz CPU, but only 1 GHz CPU. If you want to know definite answer then it is needed to check if package has printed C120 (1.2 GHz variant) or C100/I100 (1 GHz variant). But even
  3. Could you please provide following information? full UART output with 1200 MHz image if there is at least something full UART output with some image which is working, up to the U-Boot booting output of U-Boot command (from working image): md d0012604 1; md d0012604 1; md d0012604 1 lables / indentifiers printed on SoC chip package (that one identified by 88F3720) In email thread with mentioned kernel patches on linux-arm-kernel mailing list there is one tester and final version of patches are working stable also on 1.2 GHz mode.
  4. Just to note, we have sent a new version (v3) of Armada 37xx cpufreq patches, now with fixes for 1.2 GHz boards:
  5. @BenCranston Perfect, thank you for testing! Could you send an email reply to with your Tested-By: name line?
  6. Ok! @BenCranston let us know if patches are working for you!
  7. I have looked at email which you sent to mailing list and you did not provide all / enough information. At least output from lspci -nn -vv is needed to correctly identify type of your PCIe SATA controller. Also there is missing dmesg output between [ 0.000000] and [ 3.694604] period. Please provide these informations (to mailing list).
  8. Do you mean loading firmware directly from SATA (without NOR)? Or loading firmware from NOR and only loading kernel from SATA? Last week I updated documentation how to build & store fimware to SATA disk (needs special partition), see: (search for "SATA device boot") And last year I have tested that U-Boot loaded from NOR is able to access SATA disk and load kernel from it without need to use uSD card. If it does not work post U-Boot output from serial console.
  9. You need to wait or you can try to remind your email on mailing list... I did not have time to look at it.
  10. Perfect! Thank you for testing. Would you mind replying to that mailing list email with "Tested-by: your name" line? If it is stable on your board then I think other tests are not needed. You may try to enable ondemand governor and let board running under normal conditions for a longer time if you do not see any other issues.
  11. @BenCranston We have sent second version of patches for A3720 which should make 1 GHz mode finally stable. See post If you want to test them, download all patches from emails via (raw) button near Message-ID: line and then apply them, either via `patch -p1 -i filename` or via `git am filename` (if working you have linux sources checkouted from git). Other option is to clone my git kernel repository and
  12. @RöttiThis looks like an AHCI or PCIe issue. Please report bug to the mailing list where are more SATA/AHCI developers and could help you to debug issue. Maybe it is also A3720 related PCIe issue, so send me an email I can provide you a A3720 PCIe patch which could fix some stability issues.
  13. I have been communicating with Globalscaletechnologies and they confirmed me that LED2 is broken on v5 and cannot be fixed. On v7 it is working fine, I have prepared patch (now in mainline kernel) for it which other people tested and it worked. I do not have v7 so cannot show it, but relevant file is exported via /sys/class/leds/led2/brightness.
  14. Hello! We have sent second version of patches for A3720 which should make 1 GHz mode finally stable:
  15. I have already wrote that led 2 connected to GPIO does not work on espressobin v5. And on espressobion v7 is already enabled and available in mainline kernel v7 dts files.