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  1. Hello everybody is there a good tutorial to compile u-boot.ext? Or are there perhaps any quality sources that already have u-boot.ext files? Thank you
  2. Balbes could you at least tag the last working version for amlogic without any time bomb so the code can be forked? I have noticed that with and after kernel version 5.7 the Sd card started getting corrupted. With the 5.9rc releases it became corrupted even faster. Is this a bug or feature?
  3. Balbes has stopped supporting the s905x3. We will need to compile it ourselves. Who would like to compile it with me? Is anyone interested? Can I have a show of hands?
  4. Well because you said that you have made a security mechanism that will break things on unsupported devices. That isn't normal. I understand that you don't want to support some devices, but including drm or malware that breaks devices on purpose is a different matter. Do you need any help? Is there anything that can be done?
  5. Hello Balbes. Which version of your images are safe to use without the security mechanisms? Are you upset because of something? I am a bit scared to use the new 5.9 version that you have made. Does it have that security mechanism?
  6. Balbes wrote "I will add various security mechanisms that will create serious problems, including hardware problems and hardware failure." You see I was very suspicious when my SD card kept getting corrupted after 5.7.x on s905x3. At first it would happen only when I hit" shutdown" it wouldn't boot after a restart. With 5.8 it would randomly happen while leaving the OS running. With 5.9 it happened on first boot. My sd card never corrupted in 4.9.... Now his statement explains a lot.
  7. Balbes have you abandoned us? Are you going to make a 5.9 stable release?
  8. Is anyone else experiencing a problem with the image where they're getting a green and pink vertical line on the left and right edges of the display? On some displays these lines are very visible. On others not so much.
  9. I am not sure if it is just me or my box. But I have noticed that my sd card tends to corrupt itself. It usually happens when I use "shutdown". On 5.7.16. With 5.9rc* it happens on first boot. My box is a95x f3 air. Is it just me, the Sd card or my particular box becoming defective? Has anyone else had these issues?
  10. My box was temporarily bricked because one of the USB slots became damaged. Neither the LED display nor the LEDs would come on. The pins inside the USB slot were touching causing a short-circuit on the pcb. If you have a multi meter you could check if there is a short anywhere on your pcb. The main two things that I can imagine that have happened to your board is either a short circuit caused by the USB or Sd slot if you were using those excessively or perhaps a chip or other component becoming undone and requiring a reballing. Good luck and keep us up
  11. If everything else fails you can try the oven method. Please do pay special attention to the temperature and time.
  12. The pins inside the USB port were shorting the usb hub/sd card out. I pulled the pins out completely from the usb 2 port. No more IO errors! There is only one usb 3 port left on this board now.
  13. It is an exfat drive, which I have now found out that it doesn't support symlinks. Without formatting to ext is there a way to use simulated symlinks instead? Perhaps hard links? Edit: I am just going to use the SD card or eMMC