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    pi967 reacted to Werner in Comedi driver/kernel module for Armbian   
    So in short in upstream the kernel module is there but in Armbian it is not.
    Either it is not available for ARM or (and I am pretty sure about that) it is just not enabled in the equivalent Armbian kernel config. Bringing these configs closer to upstream is still WIP and a lot of work (and therefore nobody wants to do it ).
    The fastest way for you at the moment to get it running is to build your own kernel package using the build script available here: https://github.com/armbian/build
    Checkout the documentation how to get started: https://docs.armbian.com/
    It is not that complicated as it sounds. To break it down real quick: clone repo, run ./compile.sh, select your board and that you want to adjust the kernel config. Select the mentioned module and let it build.
    Install the generated kernel package (and I recommend to install the headers, dtb and u-boot too) with dpkg -i.
    Reboot and check if it is working now.
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