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  1. Another piece of feedback: I tried Armbian_20.05.0-trunk.148_Rock64_buster_current_5.4.43.img.xz on Rock64 HW v2.0 (4 GB RAM) After apt update && apt upgrade && reboot I made '7z b' run in a loop. The board hanged after about 15 minutes. I also tried stable version with kernel 5.4.20 with the same result. I suspect that RAM workings under load is unstable. Hope this is helpful.
  2. Just sharing feedback for mainlining effort, sorry if I sounded ranting. Yes, I know that Armbian is run by volunteers and I even have supported you with donation last year. I am a happy Armbian user of H3 based boards.
  3. Okay, I tried Armbian_5.99.191031_Rock64_Debian_buster_dev_5.3.0-rc4_minimal.img on my ROCK64 4GB v2.0 It booted fine to the point I could SSH into it. dmesg said it timed out waiting for /dev/ttyFIQ0 all USB2 and USB3 ports were not working did apt update && apt upgrade and it hang power cycled it. it responds to ping with ~28% packet loss but does not answer to SSH. Back on the shelf to collect dust for another month
  4. Sharing a bit of feedback: I tried nightly buster minimal build with 5.3 kernel for Rock64 rev2.0 and it does not reach the state when it is accessible over the network. Both LEDs on the ethernet connector are off. I did not connected the HDMI display and moved on to other things. Hope this helps.
  5. Yes, I know that the original issue is about jumping in the future. No, I do not have any network issues. Both ntpd and chrony maintain correct time until it jumps back to 1978. After that rcu: INFO: rcu_sched self-detected stall on CPU OOM killer unhinges and starts killing processes left and right I also saw many cron processes and eMMC was thrashing. I just want t get to the bottom of these random time jumps. Sometimes it takes several days, sometimes it takes a month of uptime for it to happen.
  6. I have been experiencing sporadic unresponsiveness from my H3 boards (5 of them). The ping on them still worked but ssh did not. Logs showed that system experienced a time jumping backward somewhere in 1978. Today another such glitch happened but I was able to ssh-in and saw this: I got chrony instead of ntpd and it has a line "makestep 1 -1" in it's config allowing infinite number of big time corrections. For some reason it did not helped. There are relevant topis on the forum for A64: The only difference is that A64 jumps forward. I found no related issues on gi
  7. OrangePi lite is a H3 board, not H6. And yes, you can do routing. Start here
  8. Another bit of feedback on Orange Pi Prime with Armbian 5.70 Both of my boards hang on stress tests: First one on '7z b' Second one on 'a53-burn' CPU temperature is reported more or less correctly. Did not exceeded 65 degrees on tests.
  9. Did another fresh install and switch to daily dev 27 Nov. Cold boot hangs at various stages with HDMI image distortions: I am sure that my Orange PC Prime is not defective because I have stress tested it with official Arch linux image (kernel 3.10) Since I got two of these boards - I tried another one. It boots but with kernel oops'es at random: Can I suggest that it is something with DDR settings?
  10. @IgorShould this update be available via apt-get update && apt-get upgrade? Look like daily builds stopped on Nov 18th
  11. Orange Pi Plus 2E is working fine on dev branch. Tested: USB HDMI Analog audio output WiFi Ethernet eMMC install Power cycling Complete with PR to github armbian/testings
  12. I am trying sbc-bench v0.6.2 on the dev branch of Orange Pi Plus 2E and see these errors: Checking cpufreq OPP... Done. ./sbc-bench.sh: line 783: [: too many arguments ./sbc-bench.sh: line 786: 277 217 - 277 217 : syntax error in expression (error token is "217 - 277 217 ") ATTENTION: Throttling might have occured. Check the log for details. Here are test results: http://ix.io/1skx
  13. I just wanted to make a clean shutdown before pulling the power plug. The problem is that the Prime does not boot after I plug the power back in. As I said it freezes at various stages as seen in the boot log on the monitor connected via HDMI. I even saw a message "Unable to handle kernel paging request at address xxxxx" once.
  14. I found a bug with Orange Pi Prime: rebooting works fine but shutting down with poweroff command and cycling the power makes booting freeze at various stages. More info: there are four packages that did not updated with armbian-config when I was switching to nightly builds and later to dev branch: armbian-firmware/stretch,stretch 5.67.181116 all [upgradable from: 5.65] armbian-tools-stretch/stretch 5.67.181116 arm64 [upgradable from: 5.65] hostapd/stretch 3:2.6-99~armbian5.67.181116+1 arm64 [upgradable from: 3:2.6-99~armbian5.60+1] sunxi-tools/stretch 1.4.2-2~armbian5.67.1