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    OrangePi lite is a H3 board, not H6. And yes, you can do routing. Start here
  2. Another bit of feedback on Orange Pi Prime with Armbian 5.70 Both of my boards hang on stress tests: First one on '7z b' Second one on 'a53-burn' CPU temperature is reported more or less correctly. Did not exceeded 65 degrees on tests.
  3. Did another fresh install and switch to daily dev 27 Nov. Cold boot hangs at various stages with HDMI image distortions: I am sure that my Orange PC Prime is not defective because I have stress tested it with official Arch linux image (kernel 3.10) Since I got two of these boards - I tried another one. It boots but with kernel oops'es at random: Can I suggest that it is something with DDR settings?
  4. @IgorShould this update be available via apt-get update && apt-get upgrade? Look like daily builds stopped on Nov 18th
  5. Orange Pi Plus 2E is working fine on dev branch. Tested: USB HDMI Analog audio output WiFi Ethernet eMMC install Power cycling Complete with PR to github armbian/testings
  6. I am trying sbc-bench v0.6.2 on the dev branch of Orange Pi Plus 2E and see these errors: Checking cpufreq OPP... Done. ./sbc-bench.sh: line 783: [: too many arguments ./sbc-bench.sh: line 786: 277 217 - 277 217 : syntax error in expression (error token is "217 - 277 217 ") ATTENTION: Throttling might have occured. Check the log for details. Here are test results: http://ix.io/1skx
  7. I just wanted to make a clean shutdown before pulling the power plug. The problem is that the Prime does not boot after I plug the power back in. As I said it freezes at various stages as seen in the boot log on the monitor connected via HDMI. I even saw a message "Unable to handle kernel paging request at address xxxxx" once.
  8. I found a bug with Orange Pi Prime: rebooting works fine but shutting down with poweroff command and cycling the power makes booting freeze at various stages. More info: there are four packages that did not updated with armbian-config when I was switching to nightly builds and later to dev branch: armbian-firmware/stretch,stretch 5.67.181116 all [upgradable from: 5.65] armbian-tools-stretch/stretch 5.67.181116 arm64 [upgradable from: 5.65] hostapd/stretch 3:2.6-99~armbian5.67.181116+1 arm64 [upgradable from: 3:2.6-99~armbian5.60+1] sunxi-tools/stretch 1.4.2-2~armbian5.67.181116+1 arm64 [upgradable from: 1.4.2-2~armbian5.60+1] I did fresh reinstalls two times: updating these packages after switching to nightly builds and after switching to dev branch. That made no difference, as soon as I power cycle the dev kernel it freezes at boot regardless of the versions of these packages. Other than that the stability and functionality of the dev kernel seem to be great.
  9. I had this problem too. For some reason it did not acquired IPv4 DHCP settings. Maybe it is because I have IPv6 DHCP and SLAAC on my LAN, I am not sure. In the end I connected HDMI monitor and fixed it locally.
  10. Yes, I know I can, but I do not believe I can improve on what already has been done by more knowledgeable people.
  11. Sharing another bit of feedback: Flashed headless Armbian Stretch and updated to the latest kernel: 4.14.70-sunxi64 #274 SMP Wed Sep 19 running '7z b' makes it hang. Then switched to -dev branch with armbianconfig. The kernel is 4.18.8-sunxi64 #262 SMP Wed Sep 19 Half an hour of '7z b' seem stable at the expense of performance. UPD: unfortunately still crashes, reboots and freezes at random with the -dev kernel. At this point I feel like Orange Pi Prime is an engineering disaster given how much time was spent by volunteers to make it work right with no success. Kernel build dates are almost month old which suggests to me that the development is not active. I had high hopes for Prime and bought two of these boards. Feel like a waste of money now.
  12. This one is interesting and informational to get a comprehension of the scale of a challenge our Armbian heroes are up to. https://gemmei.ftp.acc.umu.se/pub/debian-meetings/2018/DebConf18/2018-08-04/arm-ports-bof.webm This is one is about smaller devices but still relevant. https://gemmei.ftp.acc.umu.se/pub/debian-meetings/2018/DebConf18/2018-08-04/build-tools-for-applying-debian-to-embed.webm Previous years videos are also available: https://ftp.acc.umu.se/pub/debian-meetings/
  13. I am sorry to report but Prime hangs with kernel 4.17.11-sunxi64 #202 SMP Mon Jul 30 The -dev branch is stable on '7z b' although benchmark itself is slower. 810 Mhz instead of 1150 Mhz in -nightly if I understood correctly
  14. Okay, now it hangs for me with kernel Linux version 4.17.8-sunxi64 (root@nightly) (gcc version 7.2.1 20171011 (Linaro GCC 7.2-2017.11)) #145 SMP Fri Jul 20 17:26:14 UTC 2018 UPD. Seem like a singular fault. Look stable on the second run.