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  1. Hello Daniel, go and download image from https://users.armbian.com/balbes150/arm-64/ . I had Armbian_20.10_Arm-64_bionic_current_5.9.0.img.xz and yesterday crashed my ssd and now i am trying Armbian_20.10_Arm-64_bullseye_current_5.9.0_desktop.img.xz . Both work ok. If you want you can try and the other images. Then follow the instructions from the link below (from 2step) https://forum.armbian.com/topic/12988-armbian-for-amlogic-s905x3/?do=findComment&comment=109829 For .dtb i am using the meson-sm1-sei610-ethfix.dtb from this post https://forum.armbian.com/topic/12988-armbian-for-amlogic-s905x3/?do=findComment&comment=108204 and it is ok. Good luck
  2. I am booting from ssd. The BOOT is viewable on my win pc but not the other partition. Can i try with LIve CD? I attached the ssd to a pc with linux live USB and this is what i see https://ibb.co/rfpvjqz
  3. Hi friends. Today my TX3 Failed to boot Armbian an i getting the error messege : "Alert! label=rootfs does not exist. dropping to a shell Like in photo https://i.ibb.co/qDX7jKw/dav.jpg Does anyone know how can i fix this without to reinstall all? When i attached the ssd that i use as boot to my pc, in the file ethlinux the dtb files was meson-sm1-x96-max and not the sm1-sei610 that i used in the installation. Thanks in advance and i am waiting for your help
  4. Hello, i have the Tanix TX3 with Armbian 20.10 focal, running from external case (with SSD inside). The system running about month or more like server (Home Assistant) without problems. Is it better to continue as it is, or to install in the emmc of TX3? How can install it in the emmc? Thanks in advance.
  5. The same result and here with Tanix Tx3 (s905x3) . Only boot loops.
  6. Thanks for your help. Do you have working link for desktop image?
  7. Because i am newbie to armbian, how can i use this file and what image?
  8. Hello, i have a Tanix TX3 box. Is there any image that work with this box?
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