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  1. I set my Helios64 up last week, and placed it at it's final home/location. My unit had been running perfectly fine for 2 days then sometime this morning before I woke up it crashed and auto rebooted. System has been up for 2 hours now. Following the guide above, I have changed my cpufreq to 400mhz-1.4Ghz and I set the governor to OnDemand and will see if stability will last beyond two days . Hopefully whatever the culprit is, will be fully ironed out by or before the Armbian becomes fully supported I was just on the site and it now says supported lol. Thanks again to all!
  2. Thank you! I canceled delivery of the psu I ordered and then ordered the one you linked, It has arrived today and the issue is now resolved! Thank you for saving me from making a grave mistake!
  3. I Have ordered a New Power Supply and will test the system with it when it comes in. It was kinda hard to find a 4pin with 12v 8 amps, I'm still searching for my multimeter but can't seem to find it. I do appreciate your guidance and support! If the new Power Supply has the same issue which (which I doubt), I will then order a new Multimeter and do some testing when I get back home on Sunday. Thanks Again!
  4. Seems like my Helios4 may have the same issue, I've at least diagnosed it to the point that I know it's a power issue, If I mess with the cables, I can get 2 drives to boot, but the other 2 either wont show or if i get it going it seems like the system itself wont boot up. I am currently looking for my multimeter to test this part out. I don't currently own a soldering iron but can quickly get one, Any particular Solder that you recommend for the Dirty Solder?