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  1. On the download page images have kernel 4.18-rc7 I need headers for this kernel. How to find which commit is these images are built from?
  2. Igor. What is the way CSI camers is supported? Is it the kernel module or userspace driver? Do I have to rebuild kernel for my device to use CSI camera and use CedarX video encoder accelerator? Thank you. Yaroslav.
  3. Igor. Do you know how the official images for OrangePi Mini 2 are built?
  4. Sorry, I messed the name of chipset. I mean H3. On orangepi.org there is "official" build for H3 based OrangePi Mini 2. How is it built? Thank you. Yaroslav.
  5. Igor. Is it possible to add A31 based OrangePi platform? Yaroslav.