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    jslav reacted to martinayotte in disable /dev/video0 and /dev/ttyS* in kernel 5.8.y with device tree   
    For video, I don't know ... But for serial, Yes !
    Doing this command :
    grep "=8" /boot/config-*-sunxi will reveal :
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    jslav reacted to MacBreaker in disable /dev/video0 and /dev/ttyS* in kernel 5.8.y with device tree   
    about video*
    take a look here:
    check the active modules and blacklist them...
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    jslav reacted to Igor in How to build my own image or kernel?   
    H3 is in the same position.
    There is no community support (yet) for kernel 3.4.x which means you need to use previously mentioned (Official) Allwinner SDK. Current result is poor so I don't want to build images using that kernel. Way too much bugs for a single person or a small group to fix and support.
    For mainline kernel (kernel.org) there are some patches for basic functionality but haven't got time to test.
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