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  1. Using a Realtek 8821CU Bluetooth + Wifi USB adapter. Working fine on stable build jammy with kernel 5.10.123. (current) Using the Armbian->Config->System->Other and selecting the latest 5.15 kernel. System reboots and confirm kernel has been updated and chosen. Wifi hotspots are all seen but fails to connect and repeatedly asks for password. Security is WAP2 personal. Setting the kernel back to 5.10.current reverts to Wifi working as expected. I will try the 5.17 kernel and report back. I have seen this before on other Deb distros. From memory this is caused by a missing/outdated kernel encryption module or wpa_supplicant. However don't quote me. It was quite some time ago.
  2. Thanks. I saw the option and tried it. Nothing seemed to happen! It loads 92 packages then warns things can go go wrong and then prompts OK. So I OK'd but nothing happened! I get the impression this allows you to switch between already installed kernels, assuming they are installed. But I don;t know really.
  3. The glmark2 scores are disappointing. Those scores are lower than my N2 (non plus) at 600 plus/minus on X and mid 1300 plus/minus on Wayland.
  4. I just (several days ago) installed Armbian 22.05 OdroidN2 Jammy XFCE. It uses kernel 5.10. Then I noticed there is an alternative version 22.05 jammy XFCE with kernel 5.17. Is it possible to update to the later kernel from the image I used without re-imaging and starting from scratch? I have already installed and setup a lot of other applications and data. I can see i have packages linux-image-current-meson64/jammy (linux-dtb... & linux-headers...) installed. On apt.armbian.com I found: (https://stpete-mirror.armbian.com/apt/pool/main/l/linux-5.17.5-meson64/) in the linux-5.17.5-meson64 Name Last modified Parent Directory linux-5.17.5-meson64 linux-dtb-edge-meson64_22.05.1_arm64.deb2022-05-29 06:58 linux-headers-edge-meson64_22.05.1_arm64.deb2022-05-29 06:58 linux-image-edge-meson64_22.05.1_arm64.deb2022-05-29 06:58 Can I apt install these and expect the upgrade to correctly happen?
  5. All it took was a reboot and it all worked correctly. Call it teething problems!!!
  6. Odroid N2. Armbian Ubuntu 22.04 kernel 5.10.123. xfce. Bluman 2.2.4 Adapter is Realtek rtl8821CU Wifi/Bluetooth. Drivers were present. Device Sony SRS-X2. The device is seen when searching but fails to pair. The only message is "bluetooth pairing failed." and "br-connection-already-connected" I'm note sure by what already connected means. It definitely is not connected.
  7. The simple answer turns out to be the selection of the correct frame number. Print function::variable does not set the frame number for you, and it must be manually set by frame #. Which in my example is 8!
  8. So I'm trying to debug a 32 bit C compiler circa 1983 that only compiles in 32 bit. I have the compiler working in Linux Ubuntu 18.04 and later with multiverse (32 bit) support installed. I thought to myself PI OS would have to be one the most popular used and supported 32 bit OS, so let's compile and debug the the 32 application in a complete 32 environment. However on the PI OS 32 bit while I have managed to compile to compiler with no issues it doesn't execute and gets seg faults. No problem I can debug it! Except I can't because if I use the debugger via Geany or directly it complains it can't find variables higher up in the stack. gdb $ where full (shows that the variable is known and is on scope) but gdb $ print said_function::said_variable (complains it can't find the variable). Topic on stackoverflow refers https://stackoverflow.com/questions/64728124/linux-gdb-cannot-print-variable-in-stack Unfortunately the question has bee closed (prematurely I believe) and so no one my answer the question there! Hence why I'm here! (gdb) where full #0 0xb6fbc1dc in strlen () from /usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/libarmmem-v7l.so No symbol table info available. #1 0x0001076c in WrStr (s=0x0) at ansifront.c:71 len = 213201 #2 0x00011698 in PrintTok (x=511) at ansifront.c:419 No locals. #3 0x00011f78 in WrTQual (ts=0x31647 <mainstk+951>) at ansifront.c:646 No locals. #4 0x00011fbc in WrTSpec (ts=0x31647 <mainstk+951>) at ansifront.c:654 No locals. #5 0x0001ccc4 in WrNTSpec (tspec=0x31647 <mainstk+951>) at decl.c:561 type = 4 '\004' #6 0x0001d0f0 in WrXDecl (vdecl=0xbefff128, isfdef=0) at decl.c:676 tsvdecl = {vd_var = 0x1d0fc <WrXDecl+636> "", vd_type = 0x0, vd_tspec = 0x31647 <mainstk+951>, vd_prev = 0x31647 <mainstk+951>} #7 0x0001d9c0 in WrOSPLst (plst=0x3163b <mainstk+939>, fndecl=0x3160d <mainstk+893>) at decl.c:906 vdecl = {vd_var = 0x34098 <tmpstk+8> "winpath", vd_type = 0x0, vd_tspec = 0x31647 <mainstk+951>, vd_prev = 0x0} tlp = 0x31643 <mainstk+947> ilp = 0x34090 <tmpstk> #8 0x0001e118 in RdGDecl () at decl.c:1084 params = 0x3163b <mainstk+939> isfunct = 1 needsimi = 0 '\000' tspec = 0x31605 <mainstk+885> vdecl = 0x3160d <mainstk+893> #9 0x00013f34 in main (argc=1, argv=0xbefff2c4) at ansifront.c:1499 No locals. (gdb) print RdGDecl::params No symbol "params" in specified context. (gdb) print params No symbol "params" in current context. (gdb) Looking in the manual there is no mention of referencing variables in sub blocks other than mentioning that a block must be active in order to do this. 'where full' confirms this is the case on line #8. Someone in the stackoverflow question mentioned something about stack frames and 8 byte. I assume they mean alignment. Looking at the addresses for the variables on the stack they seems to be suspiciously non 8 byte alligned (params = 0x3163b is an odd value). I have looked for a compiler option to enforce 8 byte stack alignment but could not find one. Does anyone know of such an option? Also if anyone feels my stackoverflow question was prematurely closed I would appreciate if you could leave some additional comments on that question, maybe asking for it to be re-opened (if you feel appropriate)! Walter
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