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  1. Yes, pretty device, I know - but compared with the ultra-cheap (in many ways .-) Orange Pi R1 Plus it is doubled in price :-) Cheers Ford
  2. No, its the other way round... I was looking for a SBC with 2 NICs (preferebly Gigabit, off Course) which is capable of running debian to connect me with strongswan (+ xfrm interfaces for the sake of it) with a reasonable encrypting speed and easy t otravel with - so the size of the Atomic Pi was too big, and it lacks a second ethernet port. Let's take a look on the market.... there is not much, is there? So the Orangepi R1 Plus is the optimal choice for me.... it seems:-) No, I didn't know about that. But "pure" AES Benchmarks doesn't help too mu
  3. Not really apples and whatever... It's the 'same' type of SBC, and costs are similar. This is the fastest encrypt/decrypt sbc besides the atom based 'Atomic Pi' - which has AES-NI enabled. Cheers, Ford
  4. Erm... I think you are wrong with that - this little thinge is blazing fast in encryption/decryption - at least for a SBC. I just configured the latest strongswan, setup xfrm interfaces and a straight forward configuration wit AES_GCM_16/MODP2048 and I am totally astonished... Not really CPU Load and about 420 MBit/s decrypting and 270 MBit Encrypting (via Gigabit-LAN to a Ryzen3 Machine) I had to setup up this extra scenario, because the little device maxed out my 300 MBit+ WAN Link :-) t For that, I build iproute2 and strongswan
  5. Did you attache a Heatsink to the CPU? I doubt the rk3328 is able to cope with its temperature without.... I just bootet debian up and the cpu was nearly instantaniously at 75°C.... With a passive heatsink it is still 62° Idling.... seems to much for my feeling More testing to come - also armbian. Cheers FP
  6. Hmm, that does not sound very promising at all :-( I gave a lot back to the Open Source community and their developers. Wrong target here:-) But I know what you mean. Cheers, Ford
  7. Hi All, since i had many problem with my old OPI R1 (without PLUS) I just ordered the newer Model with 1 Gig Ram, RK3328 CPU and two Gigabit Ports. There Is a debian Image available on their Google Drive Share right now, I'll certainly try that out, but Is there a generic Armbian Image as well, I can take? Should be pretty straigt forward Device, I tink.... HDMI Out is not available, only USB Gigabit Ethernet and Rockchip Gigabit Ethernet. Would be great if Hardware encryption for IPSec is also availaibe. Any thoughts? Cheers
  8. Hi, has no one an Idea what I could try? Installing "the old" dtb's and kernels does not make any difference. Changing to a nightly build doesn't change anything either. Regaring arm based CPUs you don't find too much information about the 'CPU stalled' Problem, though :-( Cheers + Happy new Year Ford.
  9. there is nothing despite 'normal background processes' running in the background. This device is only connecting to my ipsec gateway and - if it works, should do some basic routing. Currently the device is not running, but the most cpu intense background activity might be autoupdate apt or an updatedb of locate.... Nearly all cpu power is going in the encryption in that moment. Cheers, FP
  10. Hi 5kft, I did..... and I also uninstalled ii armbian-config 21.11.4 all Armbian configuration utility ii armbian-firmware 21.02.0-trunk.29 all Linux firmware ii linux-buster-root-current-orangepi-r1 21.02.0-trunk.30 armhf Armbian tweaks for buster on orangepi-r1 (current branch) ii linux-dtb-current-sunxi 21.02.0-trunk.24 armhf Linux DTB, version 5.9.15-sunxi armhf ii linux-image-current-sunxi 21.02.0-tr
  11. BTW: I tried to use the ethernet devices vice versa and still, the same happens...
  12. Hi, I just got some time and attached my serial port again....: root@orangepi-r1:~# ping PING ( 56(84) bytes of data. 64 bytes from icmp_seq=1 ttl=64 time=26.2 ms 64 bytes from icmp_seq=2 ttl=64 time=25.2 ms 64 bytes from icmp_seq=3 ttl=64 time=27.0 ms ^C --- ping statistics --- 3 packets transmitted, 3 received, 0% packet loss, time 2003ms rtt min/avg/max/mdev = 25.205/26.143/27.000/0.735 ms root@orangepi-r1:~# iperf3 -c Connecting to host 192.168.20
  13. strange thing happened.... even I have pinned the current kernel in apt (and it is still there) after some apt upgrades the same thing happens again as in the beginning.... The device was powered on 24/7 since November 12th and worked flawlessly...... and now this.... Cannot explain why :-/ Cheers Ford
  14. Hi, Thanks for your work, I tested your kernel packages yesterday and everything works flawlessly now. I get about 40 to 50 MBps throughput with Ipsec now without stalling and "breaking" the Interface. I am happy, thanks alot! Cheers Ford Prefect
  15. Hi, First of all, this all happens only when I use ipsec it seems - If I transfer large amounts of data directly, the enpxxx Interface (USB) and the internal attached eth0 everything works fine. I also set the gouvernor to "performance" and highest CPU Frequency. I attached the Serial Port and found out the following: The Raspi does not freeze, the USB enpxxx Interface seizes operation nearly instantaniously.... Via serial Port I the device itself worked just fine, but the ethernet Port crashed.... Is there any workarou