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  1. While waiting to know something more about the 6.6 kernel of the current CSC version, I'm also thinking of going back to the latest 6.1 kernel. The board is more responsive but without a heatsink with or without a fan the risk of thermal throttling is real in case of intense use of the CPU.
  2. @Antonio Ramos one person is working on the new Tanix TX1. we are at a preliminary stage but I think we can have fun with this little TV box, he already made a release with a Linux distro for X96Q and others boxes . The Tanix TX1 has the same H313 SOC but we are talking about minimal Arch Linux not armbian. I'll keep you updated without going too far off topic,
  3. @ulumid Thanks, I hadn't read this interesting post.
  4. I think you have the same problem as me, let's wait for someone who can help us. The alternative is to put the latest 6.1 kernel back and try to see if the temperatures return to normal. If we solve this, we need to block kernel updates with the armbian config tool. I await suggestions. any help is appreciated
  5. After upgrading from the official version with kernel 6.1 to the CSC version with kernel 6.6 I noticed an increase in CPU temperature of as much as 10 degrees. Is this normal? Honestly, seeing 52 degrees at idle worries me a bit
  6. Hi thanks @Jakub Adamik for your message. I confirm that the current X96Q with pcb release 1.3 does not have working ethernet with the miniarch image. I wrote two emails to Piotr aka warpme but I haven't received a response yet, surely in this period he will be very busy with work and I won't be able to dedicate time to the miniarch project. I await a response from him.
  7. We are talking about H313 and an eMMC in my case 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM, I was unable to detach the heatsink and I avoid insisting so as not to damage the soc.
  8. I would like to know if anyone has had the opportunity to try the new Tanix TX1. The dimensions are really small, only 58mm x 58mm x 25mm and it only has 1 USB port in addition to the HDMI port and the classic power jack. I know there are no Armbian images for H313 soc yet, too bad. This small TV box could be interesting for creating small servers connected exclusively via WiFi. Button 1 is the flash button, while button 2 is used to enter recovery mode. I tried images for H313 miniarch and others for H616 but I can't boot in any way. I'm using a USB stick obviously without using a USB hub but only the USB stick and for now only Android starts.
  9. I understand that those who manage to publish the images use some command line script once they gain access to the emmc. but I don't have the time to go into more depth and continue with the study
  10. @dreamlayers thanks for your reply but the image I wanted to create was for restoring the bricked tv box. that's why I was curious to know if it was possible to create an image compatible with Amlogic USB Burning tool. I already have backups made with ddbr but in the case of a bricked TV box those images are not good. I should have solved it because I found the image I was looking for of the fake tx3 mini with soc S905L2-B
  11. @SteeMan I completely agree with you, by chance I discovered this forum dedicated to TV boxes and I wanted to have some fun with these cheap low quality TV boxes. Now I understand well why Armbian does not officially support TV boxes and I wanted to share my recent discoveries with that interesting forum.
  12. The most absurd thing is that it says S905W on it and it's actually an RK3229. I think they have the same RK3229 1GB/8GB PCB that they wanted to pass off as S905W and now they try to make the fake X96Q with that PCB too
  13. I was looking for a low-cost S905W tv box. I discovered this counterfeitby accident because I couldn't boot any armbian image for S905W soc and I accidentally tried the multitool and it started right away 1GB/8GB version and not 2GB/16GB. So be very careful what you buy and if possible send it back to these dishonest Chinese sellers!
  14. ATTENTION there is a counterfeit version of the X96Q TV box. Before sending it back I took a photo of the PCB. We are talking about SOC RK3229 and eMCP 1GB RAM/8GB ROM. By chance I wanted to try booting with the multitool and I understood the deception. the only linux release working on X96Q is the Miniarch project but let's go off topic
  15. @jock thank you very much for your reply, I sent the TV box back because I looked for the pads but couldn't find them and I decided that I was no longer interested in the H20 armbian project. I wanted to write the post just to warn those like me who are happy to see the multitool loaded correctly and want to try the installation on eMMC. In my opinion the card is really of poor quality, all the HDMI VGA adapters in my possession with this card do not work, I was only able to see the screen working with HDMI monitors and this made me decide to send the bricked TV box back.
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