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  1. The pin is not fit directely on the orange pi so i have make my proper board for fix that !
  2. OrangePIPC+ with 4.9.0 kernel + systemctl removed ! Everything work well .... good job my friend... At this moment we insert armbian modded in my emmec (8GB) memory, 5800MB os with no error on format BTRFS and copying file in current progress ! Happy new years my friend !
  3. when you insert the sdcard, boot on the emmc or sdcard ? fdisk -l please
  4. hello, root@orangepipcplus:~# cat /etc/armbian-release BOARD=orangepipcplus BOARD_NAME="Orange Pi PC +" VERSION=5.23 LINUXFAMILY=sun8i BRANCH=default ARCH=arm Hello everybody, I have sucessfully copy the armbian to the emmc memory, everything working well no sd needed .... when this is done I make a backup of the emmc with gunzip on my sdcard. dd if=/dev/mmcblk0 bs=10M | gzip -c >/mnt/sdcard/thx.to.kaiser.img.gz the backup on the sdcard working well, I exact it on a new sdcard with the command gunzip -c /mnt/sdcard/thx.to.kaiser.img.gz | dd of=/dev/new-sd-card bs=10M find ... the armbian os working on the sd card ... but when I try to put the emmc again with the command "nand-sata-install" ... failed with weird error mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/mmcblk1p1, missing codepage or helper program, or other error Partition too small. Needed: 5286 Mb Avaliable: Mb seriously dude the image is less then 4GB... thx for your help !!
  5. hello everybody, I going to compile kernel + complete image with the armbian building script. At this moment, the 25 october 2016 ... What distribution is the better choice if I want to use mali desktop lighttpd mysql ? Debian Jessie or Ubuntu Trusty ? What the "real" difference, what distribution have more capability on the orange pi pc plus. Thx you
  6. tkaiser, i know is not armbian the problem but every time I use this nfc reader, I test the same model more 10 different. http://www.acs.com.hk/en/products/3/acr122u-usb-nfc-reader/ acr122u usb make the same messages error. usb 7-1: reset full-speed USB device number 2 using sunxi-ohc I want to know if this error slow down my system ? what I need to do to stop log this warning or ..
  7. I have tried to do everything, when I turn on gpu on chormium-browser animation html5 is very slow. Anybody fix or find something ? what chromium version you use ... what mali driver you setup ? very hard to have a good result orange pi PC with armbian 5.20 jessie ! thx you
  8. hello everyone, I make a dist-upgrade on my armbian and the touch screen never work again, it a bad joke ? this is not serious, I long it possible ? I make the test 3 time. image work after dist-upgrade doesn't. what next step ...
  9. sudo h3disp -m 5 -d reboot enjoy http://forum.armbian.com/index.php/topic/1637-solved-orange-pi-pc-h3-winner-compiled-with-igorpecovnik-jessie-desktop/
  10. I resolve this problem clonezilla copy the entire sdcard 32GB but only 8GB of data... I going to create 7.8GB of file and restore with clonezilla and dont USE the partition resize option ... copy working 32GB to 8GB... if you have really only 7.8 gb of file !
  11. when you say the driver is build in what a need to do send screen to the display... I try everything ... change scripts.bin .. etc where I can debug this ...
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