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  1. Hi SteeMan Thank you for your very detail guideline. I follow but still get a problem I download image, flash to SDCard via balenaEtcher, edit /boot/extlinux/extlinux.conf with correct DTB parameter I push SDCard into, hold reset and power on, but my TX3 mini always shows the screen as in picture, as far as I understand it is recovery screen It can't boot into armbian in SDCard Best regards
  2. I want to use TX3 mini to install HASS for smart home. I'm in normal level of linux, I can do with debian, ubuntu, centos, I already install HASS in Raspberry Pi before Tks
  3. Hi SteeMan I'm newbie, it's quite difficult for me to clearly understand the fisrt post of that thread, there are also so much comments in that thread. I don't know which image file should I download and how to do with uboot file. Could you please share your experience. Thanks and best reagds
  4. Hi all. I'm newbie. I have a TX3 mini, I read some guides to download image and flash to SD Card to run Armbian in TX3 mini. But there are no suitable image file for S905x Soc in these URLs So please share me link to download this image file Thanks so much