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  1. Hi again, Yes, the lights were solid blue after boot (power and hdds, nothing else), so the comment about not getting a clean boot make sense. I was monitoring the router but no ip was coming up for it, so this again makes sense as it wasn’t really booting with the sd card. Here’s what actually worked last evening (don’t remember the exact order): - Changed the sd card image from Armbian_20.08.13_Helios4_buster_current_5.8.16.img to Armbian_20.11_Helios64_buster_current_5.9.10.img (yes, using Etcher), initially I was using the older image for w
  2. Hey, thanks! I’ve seen the Maskrom and will keep it as a last option for two reasons: - I’d still like to boot from the sd card – just to experiment with the device and decide on the final setup. - It looks a bit more complicated (or risky). I will still try to test & understand why I cannot boot from the sd card yet.
  3. Hi folks, I got my helios64, assembled it during the weekend and can’t seem to actually install it. Here are some of the things I tried (I'm on windows 10 btw, I don’t have hdd drives yet, I assume this would not be an issue): · 2 sd cards (one of which is a Samsung as recommended in the wiki), two computers (with correct com ports as visible in the device manager, driver is installed), tried both on usb2 and usb3 · USB cable has been trimmed to fit the case properly - also tried with the back panel off and directly connected to the board