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  1. It's been sold. thanks for the interest.
  2. If anyone in the US is looking for a Helios64 but don't want to wait for the next batch, I'm prolly selling mine. I ended up using an older windows desktop to build a server; took all of an hour to set up. I wanted to use this because it uses a lot less power and I wanted the computer for another project, but I don't have the time to screw with it trying to get it to actually function. If no one wants it, I'm just going to strip the case down as a HDD enclosure and cut my losses.
  3. BacchusIX

    OMV Issues

    @gprovostI use DHCP, but the IP is bound to the device so it is more or less static through the router. I guess it's just how Tenda firmware does it. Downloading plugins and other network related tasks seem to work fine so I don't THINK it's an IP issue. I've had issues with OMV every time I've used it; digging into a little more research, I'm not sure it's an issue with the Helios but rather an issue with OMV 5 as others on other systems are having the same issues. Either way I think I've found other ways of accomplishing my end goals but I like a single GUI to organize and visualize everything. I get most fanboys love there CLI, but I don't use Linux enough to remember everything which means I have to look everything up and reteach myself every time I go in to change something. As I work a LOT and don't have very much free time, it greatly annoys me to spend 3 days doing something that should take a 1/3d of that time. I'm not mad at or your team, I think what you guys built here is great, hence why I bought one over a pre packaged server. You want to go next level and grow your business, though, build a great custom GUI for it that people other than computer experts can utilize.
  4. BacchusIX

    OMV Issues

    why can I only post once a day?? using the 1 GbE port. I was able to connect via SSH and the OMV GUI no problem. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but it pretty much rendered the entire OS unusable. I did a complete rebuild this morning and still getting a communication failure while trying to enable the extras repo.
  5. BacchusIX

    OMV Issues

    I've been trying to get OMV setup on the Helios prior to adding my hard drives and I keep getting errors and communication failures when I try to do pretty much anything. I like OMV for it's GUI, but honestly, I've never been a fan of it functionally. Is there anything comparable to it that works with the Helios64? Anyone have any suggestions how to fix it? I have logs but I don't see a place to attach them.
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