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    initBasti reacted to balbes150 in Debootstrap base system second stage failed   
    Checked the minimal version of DE XFCE - gives an error. This means that among the packages that are included in the lists of additional groups, there is something that allows quemu to work correctly. Now I will look for this "something".
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    initBasti reacted to Igor in small guide for setting up an upstream kernel development setup on the NanoPC-T4   
    Thank you for documenting the steps you made and thank you for actually reading the documentation (first). Most of the people try first, then complain on forums and only then they check documentation
    It will help us to improve the system and also to check if upcoming structural changes / improvements, which are planned to be merged within 4-6 weeks,  will not break what you just achieved / the user customisations. Changes are mostly related to desktops, but some basic principles are also changing / improving on the way.

    You are ofc welcome to propose code changes!