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    Quick update here, I was running some benchmarks today.  Off the top of my head:
    1. local SSD was getting something like 1200 MB/s write and 1500 MB/s read
    2. USB connected HDD was getting ~175 MB/s write and 175 MB/s read
    3. NAS (not helios) connected at 1 Gbps was getting ~100 MB/s read/write
    4. Helios in DAS mode and on Raid 10 was getting approximately 170 write and 250 read.
    5. Helios in DAS mode on a single drive was getting 190 write and 220 read. 
    For the capture 1 use case, I think a solid contender.  Unfortunately, as I described in the other thread, I can't get my whole array presented in DAS mode (it wants to give me 200GB for a 18TB array).
    Updated: also ran on a single drive instead of the array.  Slightly better write numbers with slightly worse read numbers.  Also, frustratingly, drive capacity was off -- this time showing 1.2 TB instead of 10.
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    In case you haven't looked up this section of our wiki :