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  1. That's good news! Thanks for testing that out, I'll keep an eye on the capacity issue
  2. a smaller ssd-focused version of the case would be great, if a bit niche, but the only thing strong me from buying is the lack of availability
  3. Had anyone tested DAS mode performance with Capture One? Or could someone explain to me how it works? Also, would C1 show the DAS mode and NAS mode as seperate volumes or is it smart enough to show up as the same one? Background: Capture One doesn't work well with network drives. Editing images, moving raw files, even saving catalog backups is dramatically slower on a NAS than a DAS or internal drive. It doesn't matter how fast the drive or network is. Its a long standing bug they're always quick to say they aren't prioritizing fixing. I've looked at other NAS's that do a DAS mode