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  1. Hi everybody and @jock I flashed the jammy release xfce on SD-card and boot on my old MX10-TvBox. (RK3328) I checked dmesg and there is some lines in red [ 4.332442] gpio-syscon ff100000.syscon:gpio: can't read the data register offset! ... [ 5.127442] rk_gmac-dwmac ff550000.ethernet: cannot get clock clk_mac_refout [ 5.128139] rk_gmac-dwmac ff550000.ethernet: cannot get clock clk_mac_speed ... [ 53.545863] hdmi-audio-codec Only one simultaneous stream supported! [ 53.545903] hdmi-audio-codec ASoC: error at snd_soc_dai_startup on i2s-hifi: -22 [ 53.545932] ff000000.i2s-i2s-hifi: soc_pcm_open() failed (-22) [ 68.738601] hdmi-audio-codec Only one simultaneous stream supported! [ 68.738640] hdmi-audio-codec ASoC: error at snd_soc_dai_startup on i2s-hifi: -22 [ 68.738668] ff000000.i2s-i2s-hifi: soc_pcm_open() failed (-22) Here is the whole output from 'armbianmonitor -U' ('armbianmonitor -u' can't directly upload..) I'm not sure this needs to be corrected, maybe it's just this old Chinese box with more or less well-integrated hardware. Finally I share anyway, thank you again for everything @jock
  2. Hi everyone, I'm looking to set up a minimal gui under wayland but it's not easy for a beginner. I found But it's based on arch linux and I struggle a bit to adapt.. So I'm trying to post here to see if some of us can manage a script for installing a minimal gui under wayland.. or if you think it's a waste of time to try this experiment (for the instant..) Thanks again and again armbian is great..!
  3. Hi @jock I did use the 'apt mark' command as shown in the first post but now it seems to be using the linux-image-current-rockchip64 branch.. Should linux-image-current-rockchip64 be 'apt mark'?
  4. Thank @SteeMan could you give me a link to your submitted patches. Sorry but impossible opening a new topic so here is the link
  5. Hi all I tested armbian for amlogic s9xxx from Ophub, I opened another topic on this subject. Here, I come back with this time the image linux-image-edge-arm64 kernel 5.15.11, I started from the image armbian bullseye from balbes and I updated to "beta" linux-image-edge- arm64 I encountered a problem because my / boot partition is in Fat so when installing linux-image-edge-arm64 this / boot partition is unmounted, a new / boot folder is created on the ROOTFS partition and the files for linux-image-edge-arm64 are written in it. So I copied this /boot folder renaming it /boot_arm64, then remounted my Fat partition in /boot and finally copied the files from /boot_arm64 to /boot. Rename initrd.img-5.15.11-arm64 to uInitrd Rename vmlinuz-5.15.11-arm64 to arm64_Image Find the correct .dtb in / lib / linux-image-edge-arm64 / amlogic / and copy and paste it in / boot / dtb / amlogic Modify extlinux.conf accordingly and presto I start. Edit : How can we solve this problem with the / boot partition in FAT during updates?? Thank again..
  6. Thank @jock for this information I'm starting to see more clearly. Too bad that I cannot change the state of the "working" led (my blue led) but it's not a drama, as long as I can put "net" (my red led) in "heartbeat" or "activity "I have visual feedback on the front of my MX10 TVbox via my red led for system activity. Now after having tested a lot of things I have my 64G sd card almost full, I will soon start from scratch in order to keep only what can be really useful. So I was wondering if there was a way (a bit like on a windows) to reset the system (that would be good)? And again a huge thank you for everything you do ..
  7. Hi @jock Thank you again for everything you do and even more for your responsiveness. I was wondering if this could not be the infra-red receive led on the remote ? This is where I got it wrong, the user has to make these changes in a folder that does not exist with the rk3318 image you built ?? Do I need to create this folder /sys/class/leds and paste the triggers into it ? Does the value set in the linux trigger, default-trigger predominate over the others ? Cannot change this trigger value even if I am logged in as root. And finally, I confirm the same state of the leds when I use the station m1 image, I can set the trigger for led2 (my red led) but led1 (my blue led) remains on permanently despite the changes in the trigger, I noticed that led1 is set to "default-on" in linux, default-trigger .. I hope your pull request will be accepted. Have a nice Sunday everyone.
  8. Thank you @jock I have indeed noticed that when the red led turns on it turns off the blue led. On the front of my box I only have 2 LEDs so 4 LEDs, yes if I count the 2 LEDs which are with the RJ45 connector (green and orange) otherwise I do not understand .. Otherwise when I start on my emmc where I still have the armbian-station M1 image using I can independently control each led, the basic dtb file used was rk3328-box.dtb I just invert the values of the leds for a good operation with my box, and I renamed it to rk3328-mx10.dtb I made this modification via armbian-config i am attaching a copy of this dtb. thanks again rk3328-mx10.dtb
  9. Hi @jock I come back a bit on the led-conf3 that you provided me and which seemed to be correct however: - There are physically on the front of my box 2 LEDs (1 red and 1 blue) - when I run " sudo du -a /sys | grep led | grep trigger " /sys/kernel/tracing/events/libata/ata_qc_complete_failed/trigger 0 /sys/kernel/tracing/events/dma_fence/dma_fence_signaled/trigger 0 /sys/kernel/tracing/events/kyber/kyber_throttled/trigger 0 /sys/kernel/tracing/events/btrfs/btrfs_failed_cluster_setup/trigger 0 /sys/kernel/tracing/events/ext4/ext4_journalled_write_end/trigger 0 /sys/kernel/tracing/events/ext4/ext4_journalled_invalidatepage/trigger 0 /sys/kernel/tracing/events/xdp/mem_return_failed/trigger 0 /sys/kernel/debug/tracing/events/libata/ata_qc_complete_failed/trigger 0 /sys/kernel/debug/tracing/events/dma_fence/dma_fence_signaled/trigger 0 /sys/kernel/debug/tracing/events/kyber/kyber_throttled/trigger 0 /sys/kernel/debug/tracing/events/btrfs/btrfs_failed_cluster_setup/trigger 0 /sys/kernel/debug/tracing/events/ext4/ext4_journalled_write_end/trigger 0 /sys/kernel/debug/tracing/events/ext4/ext4_journalled_invalidatepage/trigger 0 /sys/kernel/debug/tracing/events/xdp/mem_return_failed/trigger 0 /sys/devices/platform/gpio-leds/leds/ir/trigger 0 /sys/devices/platform/gpio-leds/leds/working/trigger 0 /sys/devices/platform/gpio-leds/leds/net/trigger 0 /sys/firmware/devicetree/base/gpio-leds/ir/linux,default-trigger 0 /sys/firmware/devicetree/base/gpio-leds/working/linux,default-trigger 0 /sys/firmware/devicetree/base/gpio-leds/net/linux,default-trigger I therefore tried to modify the trigger on > /sys/devices/platform/gpio-leds/leds/ Where can we find 3 leds? Either .. So I make some modifications on the 3 leds detected by the system and I find the red front led of my box (under the "net" value) I modify the value of the trigger on heartbeat and Hop the red led of my box starts flashing (cool ..!) Unfortunately, it is impossible to modify the light state of the blue led which lights up when the box starts up, I have unsuccessfully modified the values of the triggers of the "ir" and "working" leds but nothing changes, currently the triggers in questions are on "none" and yet I still have the blue led on .. Is there anything else to do? Thanks in advance..
  10. Hi all, Little feedback, I tried installing CasaOs, CasaOS - A simple, easy-to-use, elegant open-source Family Cloud system it works.. It may be useful for some of you. Thank you to the entire IceWhale team for this sharing..
  11. You can try YUNoHost, it's cool I use it on my beelink gt-king pro with armbian-meson64 works fine and have many apps. Today I try install of Swizzin, on my RK3328 box that's work ( install process need root user "su -" ) it's another possibility..
  12. Thank @jock, I try upgrade with .deb from ju@rk3328-MX10-TvBox:~/Deb$ cd @jock-rk3318 ju@rk3328-MX10-TvBox:~/Deb/@jock-rk3318$ wget --2021-11-13 07:26:53-- Résolution de (… Connexion à (||:443… connecté. requête HTTP transmise, en attente de la réponse… 200 OK Taille : 363952 (355K) [application/octet-stream] Sauvegarde en : « linux-dtb-edge-rockchip64_21.11.0-trunk_arm64.deb » linux-dtb-edge-rock 100%[===================>] 355,42K 326KB/s ds 1,1s 2021-11-13 07:26:54 (326 KB/s) — « linux-dtb-edge-rockchip64_21.11.0-trunk_arm64.deb » sauvegardé [363952/363952] ju@rk3328-MX10-TvBox:~/Deb/@jock-rk3318$ wget --2021-11-13 07:27:22-- Résolution de (… Connexion à (||:443… connecté. requête HTTP transmise, en attente de la réponse… 200 OK Taille : 12018228 (11M) [application/octet-stream] Sauvegarde en : « linux-headers-edge-rockchip64_21.11.0-trunk_arm64.deb » linux-headers-edge- 100%[===================>] 11,46M 2,85MB/s ds 6,3s 2021-11-13 07:27:29 (1,81 MB/s) — « linux-headers-edge-rockchip64_21.11.0-trunk_arm64.deb » sauvegardé [12018228/12018228] ju@rk3328-MX10-TvBox:~/Deb/@jock-rk3318$ wget --2021-11-13 07:27:39-- Résolution de (… Connexion à (||:443… connecté. requête HTTP transmise, en attente de la réponse… 200 OK Taille : 50780648 (48M) [application/octet-stream] Sauvegarde en : « linux-image-edge-rockchip64_21.11.0-trunk_arm64.deb » linux-image-edge-ro 100%[===================>] 48,43M 2,78MB/s ds 19s 2021-11-13 07:27:59 (2,49 MB/s) — « linux-image-edge-rockchip64_21.11.0-trunk_arm64.deb » sauvegardé [50780648/50780648] ju@rk3328-MX10-TvBox:~/Deb/@jock-rk3318$ sudo dpkg -i *.deb [sudo] Mot de passe de ju : (Lecture de la base de données... 139206 fichiers et répertoires déjà installés.) Préparation du dépaquetage de linux-dtb-edge-rockchip64_21.11.0-trunk_arm64.deb ... Dépaquetage de linux-dtb-edge-rockchip64 (21.11.0-trunk) sur (21.11.0-trunk) ... dpkg: avertissement: impossible de supprimer l'ancien répertoire « /boot/dtb-5.14.13-rockchip64/rockchip/overlay » : Le dossier n'est pas vide dpkg: avertissement: impossible de supprimer l'ancien répertoire « /boot/dtb-5.14.13-rockchip64/rockchip » : Le dossier n'est pas vide dpkg: avertissement: impossible de supprimer l'ancien répertoire « /boot/dtb-5.14.13-rockchip64 » : Le dossier n'est pas vide Sélection du paquet linux-headers-edge-rockchip64 précédemment désélectionné. Préparation du dépaquetage de linux-headers-edge-rockchip64_21.11.0-trunk_arm64.deb ... Dépaquetage de linux-headers-edge-rockchip64 (21.11.0-trunk) ... Préparation du dépaquetage de linux-image-edge-rockchip64_21.11.0-trunk_arm64.deb ... ls: impossible d'accéder à '/var/lib/initramfs-tools': Aucun fichier ou dossier de ce type Dépaquetage de linux-image-edge-rockchip64 (21.11.0-trunk) sur (21.11.0-trunk) ... Paramétrage de linux-dtb-edge-rockchip64 (21.11.0-trunk) ... dpkg: des problèmes de dépendances empêchent la configuration de linux-headers-edge-rockchip64 : linux-headers-edge-rockchip64 dépend de bison ; cependant : Le paquet bison n'est pas installé. linux-headers-edge-rockchip64 dépend de flex ; cependant : Le paquet flex n'est pas installé. dpkg: erreur de traitement du paquet linux-headers-edge-rockchip64 (--install) : problèmes de dépendances - laissé non configuré Paramétrage de linux-image-edge-rockchip64 (21.11.0-trunk) ... update-initramfs: Generating /boot/initrd.img-5.15.2-rockchip64 update-initramfs: Converting to u-boot format Des erreurs ont été rencontrées pendant l'exécution : linux-headers-edge-rockchip64 ju@rk3328-MX10-TvBox:~/Deb/@jock-rk3318$
  13. Hi, You can try =>
  14. Hi @jock and thank you for these explanations it enlightens my knowledge a little more, suddenly I left the emmc as it is and tried adding overlays, it works I was able to put led-conf3 and cpu-hs without problem here is the copy of dmesg => However I come back to your explanations, you indicate that ATF would be useful for DRM rights, suddenly this attracts my interest because I am looking for a solution to be able to read the amazon prime videos and unfortunately I still have this damn message missing drm rights .. do you know a parade with this problem? I looked a lot on Github, I even tried a few installs but nothing convincing, often the problem is that we are under arm64 (no drm rights under arm64) because with armhf apparently there will be solutions .. Y -will there be a way to build a multiarch arm64 / armhf image or maybe just an armhf image ..? For the moment I am in the idea of using a docker like .. Thanks again, apparently the problems seem to be solved, I will go back to 1.3GHz.
  15. Thank again @jock So on the emmc I still have the armbian bulleyes system from the station-m1 image So I replaced the rk3318-box.dtb file (yours is slightly heavier 63761 bytes against 62913 for the dtb already present in the image) here is the new dmesg =>