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  1. Hello, and thank you @balbes150. Yes indeed there are plenty of different MX10s, mine seems to be from the first generations MXQ-RK3328-D4_A VER: 1.0 DATE: 20170713 registered on the SOC with 32G Emmc and 4G RAM DDR3. Having said that, I start well with your old Armbian_20.07_Rk3328-tv_buster_current_5.7.8.img it works pretty well but I have this problem from time to time "freezes" and I do not have the necessary knowledge to fix it ..I'm disappointed because without this problem everything seemed to work fine for web-server use ... I have to choose another SOC for a personal web server
  2. Hi, I tried Armbian_21.05.0-trunk_Station-m1_hirsute_current_5.10.19_xfce_desktop.img Armbian_21.05.0-trunk_Station-m1_bullseye_current_5.10.19.img It boot but there are errors and therefore does not work on my MX10.. is there any need to make a modification once we have flashed .img on a sd card ..? Thanks
  3. Thanks @balbes150 , I am going to test your image for M1 station, however I have to stay under Buster to allow me to set up Concerning the cooling of CPU, I add another bigger heatsink to the heatsink, it's a bit of a hack but during my check with htop the CPU never heats too much (~40-45°C) I don't think the "freezes" is due to the overheating of the proc .. I will test this Station m1 image on SD-Card and I will see .. Thanks again..
  4. And thank you for the info concerning the new models to come RK3566 and RK3568 it seems to be really promising but it will surely also be much more expensive, novelty oblige .. So far I have only seen 2 SOCs with this rk3566 / 68 (geniatech and rock64) are there other manufacturers?
  5. Thanks for your reply, indeed I am using an old kernel, the last one I could find tag RK3328-tv box download to MEGA but maybe I could use another version ?? Is there a way to update the kernel directly on the box without having to reflash ? Indeed my concern of "freezing" has nothing to do with the web server use that I make of my box, that's why I thought that maybe the electric adapter would be too weak with its 2,5A ..? (but I'm not sure) Maybe it's a RAM problem but we can't really fully test the RAM under armbian if I understood correctly .. I am attaching a copy of my "armbianm
  6. Hello, and thank you @balbes150 for his great work .. So I have an MX10 Tvbox (MXQ-RK3328-D4_A VER: 1.0 DATE: 20170713) and I was able to install on the Emmc (Armbian_20.07_Rk3328-tv_buster_current_5.7.8.img). It works really well, but I have a problem that I cannot target ... So I made the updates from the firmware of Balbes150, I installed YUNOHOST (great job by the way) and I therefore find myself with my MX10 transformed into a web server (Nextcloud, Jellyfin, Rainloop, ...) it works nickel ... I therefore invested in a 500GB SSD to put on the box .. And here are the concerns that arr
  7. Hello, and Thank you @SteeMan indeed I didn't take the good way .. Thank you for your clarification .. Thanks to your message, I changed my approach and I succeeded starting from Armbian_20.07_Rk3328-tv_buster_current_5.7.8.img from @balbes150 and using the snap installations, successfully set up NextCloud on my MX10 (RK3328) ver: 1.0, with LAN access and also WAN via LetsEncrypt and domain name .. I was super delighted .. But after restarting the box, no more access possible, my setting to have a fixed IP could no longer be used because the box has a different MAC address at each star
  8. thank you @balbes150 and sorry new user on this forum I can only post one message per day .. Thank you for confirming the .dtb version to use. There is a version of NextCloudPi for Rock64 which also uses the RK3328, as NextCloudPi is based on an Armbian I was wondering if there was a way to fit that into the image you built for RK3328 .. Otherwise do you think that since it works with a Rock64 isn't it also possible to run it on an MX10 which has the same technical characteristics ? Thank again..
  9. Hello everyone, and first of all a big THANK YOU @ balbes150 ..! I have an MX10 that I only want to use to set up a NextCloud server. I can boot from my SD card that I flashed Armbian_20.07_Rk3328-tv_bullseye_current_5.7.8_desktop.img.xz with rk3328-box.dtb ( maybe i need use rk3328-evb.dtb ?? ) But I can't install NextCloud Server.. Can you tell me if what I want to do is achievable ? What would be the best img to set up Nextcloud server among bionic, bulleyes, focal, ...? ( first I try focal img but same issue can't install nextcloud server ) Would it be possible to build