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  1. There is an article from the c't magazine about this boad. Also mentioned the Armbian OS as an alternative OS to FA the ubuntu core. (German language)
  2. Hi! Yesterday I get my first build of a NanoPi port of pi4j ( running. A simple test with a double color led on a NanoPi M1 works fine. Actually I am going to adapt the board specific code. Hence some questions are open. Is there a simple way to differ NanoPi Boards by SW (NanoPi M1, Neo and Air) to set the correct board? Memory size of the board The Raspberry code uses the revision string of /proc/cpuinfo to retrieve this informations. But this info is PI specific. Any idea how to get this info? Using C is not a problem - pi4j is a mix of Java and native libraries. Peter P.S: Java Example File - don't be confused - the extension bsh stands for bean shell, scripting for Java - quick testing without compiling script.bsh
  3. I got my NanoPi Neo Air last week. But in my box there was no IPX antenna included. Additional pin headers availbale - but not antenna. According the item list an antenna should be included: The antenna should be inside the bag of the pin headers? Peter
  4. Build a supercomputer with Nano PI Neos! Scroll down to see all images
  5. Hi! I think the problem is caused by the fact, that the first login on the system causes a request changing the root passwort. Please login on the NEON via putty. Change the root passwort. This should solve your problem. Peter
  6. New installed image: Armbian_5.14_Nanopim1_Ubuntu_xenial_3.4.112.raw [ 1321.621490] [cpu_freq] ERR:set cpu frequency to 240MHz failed! [ 1321.856382] [ARISC ERROR] :message process error [ 1321.874795] [ARISC ERROR] :message addr : f004b840 [ 1321.893322] [ARISC ERROR] :message state : 5 [ 1321.911038] [ARISC ERROR] :message attr : 2 [ 1321.928962] [ARISC ERROR] :message type : 30 [ 1321.946430] [ARISC ERROR] :message result : ff [ 1321.963905] [ARISC WARING] :callback not install
  7. Back from holiday - here are my CPU values with the first offical NanoPI NEO Armbian image. root@nanopineo:~# armbianmonitor -m Stop monitoring using [ctrl]-[c] Time CPU load %cpu %sys %usr %nice %io %irq CPU 06:55:18: 1008MHz 0.49 4% 1% 1% 0% 1% 0% 55°C 06:55:23: 240MHz 0.45 4% 1% 1% 0% 1% 0% 55°C 06:55:29: 240MHz 0.42 4% 1% 1% 0% 1% 0% 54°C 06:55:34: 240MHz 0.38 4% 1% 1% 0% 1% 0% 54°C 06:55:39: 240MHz 0.35 4% 1% 1% 0% 1% 0% 54°C 06:55:44: 240MHz 0.33 4% 1% 1% 0% 1% 0% 54°C 06:55:49: 240MHz 0.30 3% 1% 1% 0% 1% 0% 54°C 06:55:55: 240MHz 0.28 3% 1% 1% 0% 1% 0% 54°C
  8. FriendlyArm released a NanoPI NEO specific heat sink: I am the owner of NanoPI NEO using the modified NanoPI M1 Armbian image of this thread. I am not a expert of SBC design. But this board gets very hot. The sink has the same size like the SBC! Has the SBC a design problem, e.g. power supply? Or the CPU is so powerful and you must fix the heat problem by a approbiate heat sink or by software.