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  1. TonyMac32

    NanoPi K2 General Topics

    Another update, I experimentally built a 4.17.8 image today and USB is working again. @Igor if you have the C2 it would be good to verify there as well, we should roll out new meson64-next images that work. Also still getting spammed with "failed to change CPU Frequency: -5" here.
  2. TonyMac32

    Le Potato general topics

    @Neil Armstrong Awesome, I just want to make sure if I'm seeing anything new and exciting, you know about it.
  3. TonyMac32

    Pi-factor cases

    Ah, nice, one that plugs up that 4the USB hole.
  4. TonyMac32

    Le Potato Ethernet Problems

    I would recommend reflashing 4.14 and freezing the kernel for now using the armbian-config tool. We will have to verify this failure (I was not aware of it) and look for a solution.
  5. TonyMac32

    Armbian usable on RK TV-Boxes?

    I'd say open it up and see what the hardware inside is, and give it a try. We don't support TV boxes because even our worst single board computers are typically better documented. However, there is a community recipe for a Z28Pro in the build system if you wish to follow and build it yourself and give it a try. Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
  6. TonyMac32

    [solved] Tinkerboard - build Kernel and Lifetime

    I assume you are using a Stretch image then? We are not always the fastest to react when a new Debian release occurs, but as long as there is mainline support I plan on keeping the board maintained.
  7. TonyMac32

    Pi-factor cases

    The aluminum brick on my RPi 3 doesn't block wifi completely, but I haven't tested how much it reduces the capabilities. As far as the IR-port goes, I'm afraid that's universal, for any of those you will probably have to get out a drill.
  8. TonyMac32

    Pi-factor cases

    @guidol has a good looking case mentioned in the NanoPi K1+ thread:
  9. TonyMac32

    NanoPi K1 Plus to be released soon

    I see that on, but not for us colonists... top and bottom have no holes, but that certainly looks sharp. Add it to the "Pi-factor cases" topic?
  10. TonyMac32

    Weird GPIOs on Tinker Board

    Yes, that one is still counting from 1000. Do you need multimedia or touch screen/camera? If not I recommend a mainline kernel, the legacy kernel has sadly taken a turn for the worse recently and needs some work. Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
  11. TonyMac32

    Build errors (semi-critical)

    I get this anytime after I update my build machine: dpkg: warning: downgrading aptly from 1.3.0 to 1.2.0
  12. TonyMac32

    preview Asus Tinkerboard

    The mainline staging driver is quite old base source, while it has gotten a lot of attention, I think it still has some issues. The latest Tinker OS (and until the issue with upstream Rockchip, Armbian Default) uses a brand new driver with some bugfixes. I am trying to establish what has and hasn't been included in the "snapshot" source package we've fallen back to while Rockchip's kernel is sorted out (or not), and will be rebuilding from there. As it stands the 4.4 Armbian build currently available is a newer driver than used in mainline.
  13. TonyMac32

    Weird GPIOs on Tinker Board

    Please provide the output of armbianmonitor -u I had the gpio returned to base 0 (Rockchip decided it should be base 1000 at some point for unclear reasons involving Android if I remember correctly.) If that is not still the case, it could be due to the recent issue with kernels resulting in us reverting to an older kernel source. Some of the the patches that were no longer needed may again need added.
  14. *rabble rabble* I wrote utilities whose lengths were measured in bytes *rabble rabble* But to be fair, 20 MB seems about 18 MB too big at least.
  15. TonyMac32

    Le Potato general topics

    ... and I have another gem I hadn't noticed before: It hasn't crashed X or anything, probably why I didn't note it before, I decided to spit out the dmesg after a night of running to see if I got more cpufreq errors. It would seem that the errors are occurring at boot time, but not thereafter, frequency scaling is working fine.