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  2. Right, spinning disks weren't on my mind at the time. Timing the power sequence seems like a pain.
  3. Well, the hat would have to account for both 3.5 and 2.5, since either could be plugged in. The 2.5 SSD I have in my desk wants 1.6 Amps at 5V, so 8 watts. 4 of those is now demanding 32 Watts themselves, then you have to consider efficiency, so 40 watts isn't an insane number. Yes, certainly.
  4. That was most of the point. 4x drives is getting to serious supply territory, I would guess 60 Watts or so (total, not just drives) without actually doing any math (so margin of error probably decently high). Without driving significant cost I wonder about all of that fitting on a hat comfortably. (I'd also love to see it, do not misunderstand)
  5. Uhhh, give me a few days. :-) Of course that is one hell of a wishlist you've got there.
  6. TonyMac32

    TonysMac's kitchen corner

    My mother makes excellent carrot cake. (That's not fair though, her ancestors were from the southwest area of Germany and Switzerland. Some as "recently" as 2 generations. ) I had some grits for breakfast, they're basically the corn version of mashed potatoes, you cook it like rice. Add butter and salt, hotsauce and cheese as you like. Some crazy people use maple syrup or sugar.
  7. * Don't use notepad to edit this file in Windows. Use Notepad++ or another adequate editor, the only ones adding linefeeds date back to MSDOS. It's not intrinsic to the operating system, it's editor-dependant.
  8. TonyMac32


    First up, a screen I bought/risked for a client project needing a touchscreen: This is a 7" capacitive touch HDMI display with 2 USB ports labelled "touch". I'm not going to lie, I have no idea what the other one does, I plugged it in as shown in the advertisement pictures and it "just worked", mostly. The good: touch and display work without drivers. The Bad: Not running it's native resolution of 800x480, but rather 640x480. The Ugly: it identifies as a 19" display or something. Will need some tweaking to work perfectly. Cost is somewhat high, but this is for a project, and the HDMI makes more sense than trying to support a raspberry Pi display on a Tinker or something similar, no special drivers, change SBC's at will.
  9. TonyMac32


    Purpose: Discuss displays that at least someone has tested and/or use, particularly touchscreens/strange resolutions/sizes/alternative technologies (DSI, parallel TFT, SPI, etc) Goal: Have some kind of "This at least worked with this version at that time" resource. Over and over people post things like "I have a Waveshare <XX.YY.ZZ> and Armbian can't do what the vendor kernel that uses a crap kernel full of security holes and crusty drivers can". So, point them here and say: "By the power of Google, I beseech thee, search!" And I have some random stuff lying around.
  10. TonyMac32

    TonysMac's kitchen corner

    Ha thanks @chwe, I think... I am familiar with ham hock. My uncles actually eat the feet pickled. I never acquired a taste for that... For an unintentionally American meal (I did not know Chwe would actually start this thread): I smoked a lean flat cut roast today (beef). Last night I did a dry rub of pepper/salt/cumin/oregano/garlic/onion, then rolled the roast and tied it with string (cotton of course, don't poison yourselves) I put that in a bag with Worcestershire sauce overnight. This morning (6:00) I fired my charcoal grill with a decent amount of oak lump and raw oak for smoking, got the temperature stable to 95 C (~7:30, one must be patient) and put the roast in there in a glass baking dish large enough for it and it's resulting juices. Smoked it for 8 hours. Brilliant! Served with mashed Potatoes. Substitute for whatever you prefer, but something potato and maybe some beans. The "Drippings" as they're called were used to top the potatos. (If they are too concentrated, they can be diluted with water and used to make gravy) Slow-roasting meats and barbecue are a Southern US thing, the Northerners just copy it. They apparently got tired of their pot roasts and boiled vegetables... This particular endeavor had no recipe other than the rub I used, and it came out with a steak-like consistency and a ton of good flavor. Very tender, but still needed the knife, so the structure of the meat wasn't destroyed. Yes. I also like to accept "challenges" from my wife when she says "there is nothing in this house to eat". I then make something using whatever is laying around. This time of year, with my garden, there is a lot involving tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers. I don't take pictures of the plate, though, so no fancy images like tkaiser
  11. TonyMac32

    Long term availability SoC

    This is a bit of a circular discussion, SoC's for SBC's are almost always "old news", so they've been around a few years before Linux is going to work on them properly. In order for people to support them they have to be expected to have some longevity, but again, you're looking at 3-ish years after SOP sometimes before good support. Then the SoC has more or less service life left, and that's entirely up to the vendor. As far as Chinese company goes, there are few alternatives. I would recommend simply sticking to as standard of libraries and api's as possible to maintain portability.
  12. TonyMac32

    Orange pi 4G-IOT

    I can't help, since I've never installed Android on a single board computer (usually I'm deletiglng it), and this is a Linux project, after all, and this is an unsupported board.
  13. TonyMac32

    Nanopi Duo mini shield SATA adapter

    I made a crappy power adapter for my SATA SSD, works quit nicely. Of course, powering it via the GPIO on the Duo is... Not ideal, let's say. Still, a fun experiment.
  14. TonyMac32

    Rock64 nightly image