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  1. on 5.6 yes, I patched 5.6 ;-) However my quick test on 5.7 this was not the case. I will check again of course [Edit] Found the issue, all of the board dts patches got wiped with the bump to 5.7 somehow. putting them back. [edit2] Can anyone run iozone on their meson64 boards and tell me the outcome? I'm working on sound, but my SD performance seems really bad.
  2. I tried reverting a patch in 5.7 that chewitt blamed for some problems but it didn't restore sound. @balbes150 our current Amlogic patch situation is, well, interesting. I need to go through one by one and figure out what each one is for. I neglected my duties for too long.
  3. is the vendor opps for the rk3288-C (Tinker/chromebook version) If it isn't a "C", then it wouldn't have 600 MHz Mali or faster than 1.6 GHz CPU according to Rockchip (I don't know about the "W") @Myy Wow, that patch is garbage, I didn't even notice that. It's worse than you are summarizing: "NPLL is necessary for 500 MHz, ancient krusty kernel suxors and doesn't have this OPP, so in case someone hypothetically someday maybe in theory thinks about possibly re-purposing the NPLL like the ancient kernel did, make mainline suck too for everyone." Yikes. I don't see any reason to not reintroduce that OPP for Armbian use, as far as I know this purely hypothetical situation has not taken place.
  4. @guidol tested on Libre Computer Tritium with a Pimoroni PHAT DAC (PCM5102A), only changes needed: enable i2s@1c22400 (i2s1) change overlay to use i2s1 instead of i2s0.
  5. Thanks @ning, I just wanted to pin a thread so we could get the conversation going, I'll take a look at Khadas and the upstream, hopefully avoiding the patchtastrophy that resulted from multiple patch sources last time.
  6. With our Current moving to 5.7, anyone building it themselves should report anything missing/new/different/wanted here. I have built an image (2020-06-27) for Le Potato, observations: - New boot splash (very nice @Igor) - No audio devices
  7. I did. ;-) I can't remember if we have a patch for that or not, my 5.4 image does have fan though.
  8. OK. Boots, gets to desktop, plays the test video, sound via HDMI works, my RTL8821CU wifi was properly recognized. Only thing I see is no fan control, and the LED is just blinking at 1 Hz for no known reason. LibreELEC: same, boots, audio, etc. [edit] it did not recognize the wifi adapter. Now to dig up my Ugoos and stuff this on it.
  9. I certainly can, it will have to be a bit later today, you should see my reply in the morning. Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
  10. Yes, I do Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
  11. OK, now that I have these in-hand. The SD multiplexer board, for the 2x5 pin header, should that be a pass-through connector? Mine are soldered with a socket facing downward on both boards. Easy fix for me, maybe not for some of the others. ;-) All connectors are Mini-SPOX other than the SD card mini-board. the 1x4 pin header on each is populated, on the SD board it faces "up", on the serial board "down" I would assume one should be a socket. [edit] Well, I was not on the recent page when I wrote this, haha.
  12. I'm not worried about the INA219. I don't want 0.3V drop across that resistor. Unless you out the feedback after that resistor, if the buck converter supports it... Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
  13. I think I'll do a redesign, if anyone is interested. This one started out as a specific Tinker-based design, then kind of mutated. I found a 5A buck converter that might be nice. For shunt resistors, something more like 50 milliOhms as opposed to 100 would probably be better. The leads between the shunt and the amplifier need to be equal, and as short as possible. Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
  14. @Nielo if you are willing to put in the work, I would guess there are a lot of similarities? It looks like a neat board, but I doubt the community of devs (~10 people) will have time/interest. I think it's neat, but I have no time to maintain something like that.
  15. @guidol how bad do you want something like that, but say, just a bit more powerful? Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk