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  1. I did not want to be offensive. The meaning of my words was supposed to be literal not ironic. I am sorry if my sentence has been misunderstood. I am a developer myself, Debian guest maintainer of many packages, I know how bad can be a bug sometimes. It is for sure a problem in the LCD driver. It is a pity because armbian+new kernel used to work like a charm before the kernel update. Maybe it is possible to rollback to the latest working kernel (not to the legacy 5.4xx).IMO this would help to find the change in the kernel which caused the misbehavior.
  2. I have loaded the latest Armbian_20.11.9_Pinebook-a64_buster_current_5.10.4_desktop.img and this problem is still present. My pinebook 1080 boots but one second after the "starting kernel...." message the screen become black. I would be grateful if somebody could kindly address this problem. Armbian has not been working on pinebooks for 4 monthes... thank you in advance
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