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  1. Are you trying to install a mpcie raid card? For me, this looks like a bug. I would try it with solidrun's support. They fixed a bug for wifi pcie cards with state-switches (d2 did not got wake up or so...)
  2. @zador.blood.stained when was "last time" ? They made a change about 1 month ago so that mpcie should work now.
  3. The new kernel of clearfog does fix the wlan problem and the sfp problem. Is this already available in armbian? https://github.com/mxOBS/deb-pkg_kernel-xyz/tree/4.4.y-clearfog
  4. Yes, its the pro i use. It does not matter which image you use. If you use armbian, the lan* ports should be already there for usage. If not, create (as mentioned in the PM) the bridge device via systemd with the lan* devices. It should work out of the box. I would recommend using mii-tool, ethtool and ifconfig to check whats going on.
  5. i had contact with some devs regarding this problem: Compex cards (wle600 and wle900) do not work on kernel 4.4.x without changes. The answer i got is: Maybe someone could fix that? Would be really nice! I have no idea how to do that with the irq_mode
  6. [ OK ] Reached target Graphical Interface. Starting Update UTMP about System Runlevel Changes... [ OK ] Started Update UTMP about System Runlevel Changes. Debian GNU/Linux 8 armada ttyS0 armada login: oli Password: Linux armada 4.7.3-marvell #25 SMP Wed Sep 14 19:24:33 CEST 2016 armv7l Traceback (most recent call last): File "/etc/update-motd.d/40-updates", line 145, in <module> updates = int(file.read()) ValueError: invalid literal for int() with base 10: '' run-parts: /etc/update-motd.d/40-updates exited with return code 1 oli@armada:~$ When i login as root, i get the prompt to enter the name for the new user and then it reboots.
  7. Thats a switched device, which means: you give your bridged device an ip, and the ports use it. Make sure you are really using the switch, and not the SFP ! I used archlinux and it worked without problems setting the br0 up myself, give it an ip adress, register the lan1-lan6 ports to it also: iptables -L ethtool eth0 eth1 eth2 unfortunately only 4.4.x from clearfog supports sfp, thats how to see that it is the sfp device. if you have further problems, i can check this evening in detail. the sfp cage is (iirc) defined in the .dtb in /boot
  8. Did you modify uboot? It is documented in the solid-run wiki what needs to be changed (its an #if 0 in 2 places which must be changed to #if 1) to detect a mSATA. But mPCIE should work - at least my ath10k card worked.
  9. got the wrong sources... https://github.com/mxOBS/deb-pkg_kernel-xyz/tree/4.4.y-clearfogi used them, will move the linux folder now to linux_old, checkout the one you posted and rebuild the packages and see what happens edit: hm no, the repo points as submodule to the one you posted, i really dont get it... i will download the zip, something wierd going on edit 2: got it working, .dtb was created and boots... no idea why it wasnt there before
  10. thats really wierdo now, i dont have that file in my local git repo git status shows: HEAD detached at origin/4.4.y-clearfog so that should be ok, but after git pull --rebase i dont have any clearfog*.dts in that folder
  11. oh nice, thanks, i will move that tomorrow into the kernel sources and see what happens when i compile the kernel.. if it generates the .dtb i am pretty new to all this but i thought the compiled .dtb works only with the kernel for whose it was compiled for, doesnt it?
  12. btw what did u mean with "and I'll wait until sources become available." ? the sources are available https://github.com/mxOBS/deb-pkg_kernel-xyz/tree/4.4.y-clearfog i just compiled it myself, but whats missing is the .dts - no idea where i can get that
  13. i just flashed the image from solidrun after some support from malte. he helped me to fix the systemd time error (press a key while bootloader loads, then type: date reset; hit 2 times enter) which prevented me from logging in. now i can login and use the sfp modul and it works... lets hope they will release that soon so you can migrate the changes to armbian. i have no eth3 which is marked with FIBRE, this was always something else (TP or so...)
  14. I just flashed the downloadable jessie next image md5sum /home/oli/Downloads/Armbian_5.14_Armada_Debian_jessie_4.6.2.raw 13ae49d54bb5b14d5a48978ad84d213d /home/oli/Downloads/Armbian_5.14_Armada_Debian_jessie_4.6.2.raw There is really no SFP information. Not in dmesg, nor in any log in /var/log could it be that this patch got lost or so...? edit: made an update with apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade && reboot root@armada:/var/log# grep -ri sfp . root@armada:/var/log# uname -a Linux armada 4.6.3-marvell #6 SMP Tue Jul 5 16:19:08 CEST 2016 armv7l GNU/Linux root@armada:/var/log#
  15. this message should appear as soon as the sfp module is plugged in, as i dont have any fibre cable connected to it yet. maybe this helps you when testing
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