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  1. It is known that Coreelec modifies the boot and so armbian can not boot. You'll have to restore your device.
  2. You can try to avoid the module at boot time. Simply add a bootarg to the kernel line like these: module_blacklist=modname1,modname2,modname3 modprobe.blacklist=modname1,modname2,modname3. The later allows you to load the module afterwards.
  3. Usb booting should work the same as sd card. Maybe you are using the second usb while booting and tries to boot from it. You can try with the second usb empty and plugging after booting. Perhaps your dtb is not good enough and the kernel cannot find the file system.
  4. There are some x96 max+ that only boot from usb. Have you tried?
  5. You have to boot in 1080p adding a bootarg. Kodi will use this resolution.
  6. I mean with 5.10 compatible that your dts looks to me for this kernel but don't think that your android is there and so it is likely that will not work. Kernel 4.19 is what you have in android, haven't you? Kernel 6.1 is very new and I don know about. Moreover, yoru dmc looks horrible with 780 MHz memory speed and not the usual 1056MHz for an android box. When you see "include" in a dts file is that is not compiled.
  7. Nothing you said is right. All works HDMI, GPU, 3D and VPU. You are right that your DTB is wrong nowadays but will work in legacy. Full VPU will only work in legacy so It is the best for Kodi. Noone can play 4k with rk3566 with mainline. The goog thing is that legacy is 6.1 so is rather new but your DTB is for 4.19.
  8. Seems you have a 5.10 compatible DTB. You can try with legacy kernel or with mainline and box-demo dtb. Legacy maybe the best for kodi.
  9. Actually the kernel needs a dtb that is integrated in the UEFI EDK2 firmware and gives the dtb to the kernel EFI stub. If you are using a firmware for another SBC the dtb passed through is wrong. Wait a minute.... I'm wrong. EDK2 gives it's own drivers to the kernel. The above is for UEFI U-BOOT.
  10. I have got video player acceleration with flathub clapper for 1080p with 20% CPU. Enough for me. Based on hantro driver so no 4k. There's also a @jock tutorial for debían to enable ffmpeg v4l2-request that is equivalent. I have understood that must enable webrtc-pipewire in chromium, isnt It?
  11. @hotnikq Can you explain this? Is it mainline? Is the repository package or compiled or something else? I cannot get video acceleration in youtube. I have tried with gstreamer web browsers, ffmpeg with v4l2-request and firefox, but nothing. It works very well in video player and web video acceleration it's just the last item to get a decent desktop computer.
  12. So you agree to take the risk and anything that happens will be your responsibility. You don't have to delete android and should be working without knowing what you are doing. However it's possible to burn the box because of wrong configuration. I have an rk3328 box that can not run android anymore because of hot weather and wrong seller configuration but runs happily linux with the right one. The first step is to burn multitool in sdcard with balena-etcher. This utility can wipe your android box, so be careful. You can find it in Installation (via SD card): This way we can know if your box can boot from sd card. Insert the card in the box and power on. You can make a backup of your box there but be careful !!! Don't do anything more.
  13. If you can't loose your box don't try anything. There is a real chance to brick the box when you are not used to this kind of tinkering. Your goal is posible as I have 4 boxes doing that but the task is not easy and everything is not going to work (wifi, ethernet, bluetooth maybe never work).
  14. Have you booted multitool from sd card? If you can do that then you can with the correct u-boot.
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