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  1. Hi all, thanks for the effort taken to try and make armbian to the orangepi sero 2 H616. I've got one of these devices myself and wanted to give the available precompiled images a go. And yes I know there's no support. and also know most things will not work (yet). Just wanted to let you know that i've got the same experiance with the images as other newbies. The recommended buster image of januari 25 isn't booting from SD. probably becuase this image is using bootbranch v1 When I do compile my own version, It boots perfectly but I do run in to the same problem with the ethernet controler. I'm under the impression that eth0 should work. But maybe my bad. The eth0 becomes ready wit an IPv6 apipa address. DHCP recuests do fail on the device. setting up a fixed ip won't help either. I'm able to ping the adapters assigned IP, but i'm unable to reach the gateway.
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