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  1. :~$ lsmod Module Size Used by option 57344 0 usb_wwan 24576 1 option usbserial 65536 2 option,usb_wwan wireguard 147456 0 zram 36864 2 sprdwl_ng 438272 0 sprdbt_tty 40960 2 uwe5622_bsp_sdio 294912 2 sprdbt_tty,sprdwl_ng Looks like wireguard is available. Anyway maybe I can use iptables with this build.
  2. Hi al!! I managed to find img with which my OPi Zero 2 starts, it's Armbian_22.02.2_Orangepizero2_focal_legacy_4.9.255. But it stops load after first `apt upgrade`. I've freezed kernel with armbian-config. Now I want to use wireguard + nftables. But everytime i'm trying to set wg up I've message: [#] nft -f /dev/fd/63 /dev/fd/63:1:1-26: Error: Could not process rule: Operation not supported ... Quick google search showed something concerning nf_tables module in kernel or something like this. (I'm not an experienced linux user). Is there any chance to set up my OPi Z 2 with wg + nftables? Thanks.
  3. Looks like it's a bit early for me to completely understand what you mean. 🤷‍♂️
  4. Nobody has enough time to do everything the do but as for me I want to enroll in embedded linux programming. I always had a lot of interest but never tried seriously. I wanted begin with small private project of automated garage surveillance and security system with all features like logging to remote server, mobile app and web application. And I've done almost all environment: backend, frontend, draft of mobile app, but stopped on hardware stage. So I don't see any obstacles to finish the project except inoperative device. By the way, I've done something with RPi, but it looks like cheating. I used pigpio lib to make sensors and actuators work, but still haven't managed to understand underlying mechanisms of OS.
  5. So what really can I do for help besides donating? Can it be that it's the right time to read Chris Simmonds's book that waited for this moment for two years exactly next to inoperative zero2.
  6. Ok, i've done it. Put it on the shelf behind my desk and waited for much than a year. )) And now I can only see nice words in the center of screen "armbian initializing boot loader" for more than an hour. (Reboot didn't help, alas). May be I should read something to understand what to do next? Really don't want to wait one year more.
  7. Yes, I really didn't read this thread. I tried, but... I was so frustrating of my two days struggle so just closed eyes and breathlessly waited for a miracle. But realty hurts me one more time. Now i'm reading thoroughly the thread and other materials. Thanks for all.
  8. Hi all! I've bought two OPi Zero 2 from Ali. Taken for them SanDisk Extreme A1 microSD cards. Used recommended here SD Memory card Formatter, formated cards, and used balenaEtcher to burn ISO on the card. ISO were taken from https://www.armbian.com/orange-pi-zero-2/#kernels-archive-all. After burning, checking process shown that all is correct. For power sully I tried typical phone charger with 5V/2A output, another phone charger with 5V/3A output and finally dedicated power supply with 5V/5A output. SBCs were connected to monitor by microHDMI cable that was preliminarily tested. Both SBCs show nothing, totally, nor LED flash, nor any data on monitor, nothing. While connected to each of used power supplies I checked the voltage on 2 and 6 pins, it was 4.8V, 4.9V and 5.9V respectively. Now I'm at dead end with all my efforts, don't know what to do more. Thanks for reading this strengthless moaning.
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