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    yar83 got a reaction from Werner in Enable nftables for Orange Pi Zero 2   
    :~$ lsmod Module Size Used by option 57344 0 usb_wwan 24576 1 option usbserial 65536 2 option,usb_wwan wireguard 147456 0 zram 36864 2 sprdwl_ng 438272 0 sprdbt_tty 40960 2 uwe5622_bsp_sdio 294912 2 sprdbt_tty,sprdwl_ng  
    Looks like wireguard is available.
    Anyway maybe I can use iptables with this build.
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    yar83 reacted to ALIGMSTEN in OrangePi Zero2 - Allwinner H616   
    Hi @yar83,
    Sorry for responding late. Don't underestimate yourself, from what you have said, you have already done much and made a sensible choice with your project. Embedded Linux is a different subject from micro controllers which although OT, might be more appropriate for the physical computing aspects of your project.
    I read it that you were struggling with the zero2 hardware, specifically integrating GPIO uses and possibly protocols such as SPI and i2c as an example. My agreement of that struggle specifically with zero2 is that the development of this boards peripheral's is non existent and have no easy way forward at the moment. 
    You will have to brush up on device trees and overlays in order to start to use the capabilities of the board and you seem keen to have a serious punt at it for learning purposes.
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    yar83 reacted to ALIGMSTEN in OrangePi Zero2 - Allwinner H616   
    Good start if you have the time and use case.
    You will have to think outside the 'book' its examples are different soc.
    Whats your use case? Is it fun or fairly serious project.
    If it a project that you have time to put into, then effort might be justifiable, should you make some progress contribute back to the community. Otherwise keep hoping that someone else will make the effort and part with that back to community.
    Best of luck.
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