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  1. Perfect for a marine boat server
  2. Hello, If i let the default configuration, i have the blue led blinking. If I change to second option, the red led will blink something. Please find android dump.https://cloud.kleinhans.info/index.php/s/8JoXHHwHFWAH7Z7
  3. Hello, Here are pictures of inside the box. https://ibb.co/j4NgFt2 https://ibb.co/QkBFkF1 And the logs: http://ix.io/2NZu Regards, Edouard
  4. Hello, I have an mxq pro 4k 5g box based on rk322x cpu. In the board, with 2 Go and 16Go storage. it's written 3229 on the board, but when i run rk322x-config to set 3229 as cpu, the next boot, I have a kernel panic. I can run legacy kernel, but i only see 1Go of RAM. Any idea to debug this and to use all storage and memory ? Regards, Edouard
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