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  1. I notice the Helio64 hardware supports WOL, but I can't see anything in the Wiki about it (only Helios4) The Helio64 can draw some power with 5 spinning disks, I would love to have it sleep until needed. Is there any information on setting this up? I can see Autoshutdown plugin for OMV, but there is options for: Shutdown Hibernate Suspend Hybrid Sleep Suspend then Hibernate Does Helios64 support all these methods? Then once the unit is in some form of shutdown or sleep state, how can I make use to WOL to wake it up? Thanks.
  2. I would suggest following this guide, and choosing the Portainer Stack option. https://forum.openmediavault.org/index.php?thread/28216-how-to-nextcloud-with-letsencrypt-using-omv-and-docker-compose/ As well as being a streamlined and fairly painless way to install NextCloud and MariaDB at once, you'll get SWAG for free, which you will likely want.
  3. Had my Helios up and running for a few months now running off SD card, but there was a message (can't remember where) to not make the install you 'final' setup as things were still in development. I've been keeping track of the 'what works and doesn't' , but as there are no updates in 6 weeks, is the general consensus that we've reached stability and its time to transfer to the eMMC?
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