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  1. Hello, yes I use the last image of ARMbian > Armbian_21.02.1_Helios4_buster_current_5.10.12.img.xz And I tried with another SD card and now there are 2 lights (LED8 + LED1 (blinking)) + the light of the network interface. I have access to root with Picocom. Apparently it was the SD card, which is corrupted, but never have an error message when I format it (long format). Thank you for help. Regard.
  2. Hello, I tried to use again my Helios4, but when we put the power on, only the LED8 light up. This Helios4 was working great a few month ago (before we receive the Helios64 :-) So we removed all sata cables (and fan, and power cables for hard drives) to made new tests. But still the same...:-( And the processor is hot. So, if someone have a idea to fix it. Thank you. Regard.