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    pierre got a reaction from gprovost in Kobol Team is taking a short Break !   
    well deserved break.
    (In comparison, the helios4 is not that great. The plastic breaks easily and the disposition of the elements is not practical)
    A great job.
    Have a good break!!
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    pierre reacted to Heisath in Only LED8 light up...!?   
    @Mangix probably not, if he hasn't used it for a few months.
    @pierre LED 8 is the power led, if nothing else shows (not even LED1 / 2 which are system / error) I'd assume your board is not even starting and your SD card might be corrupt. 
    For further debugging you'll need to attach a computer to the micro usb and listen with some serial terminal to the output (and post it here). Or you could burn another SD card and try with that one.
    For LED meaning: https://wiki.kobol.io/helios4/hardware/
    For Setup (also includes connecting serial terminal): https://wiki.kobol.io/helios4/install/
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    pierre got a reaction from Heisath in Only LED8 light up...!?   
    I tried to use again my Helios4, but when we put the power on, only the LED8 light up.
    This Helios4 was working great a few month ago (before we receive the Helios64 :-)
    So we removed all sata cables (and fan, and power cables for hard drives) to made new tests. But still the same...:-(
    And the processor is hot.
    So, if someone have a idea to fix it.
    Thank you.