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  1. Hi Goldfish_Paris, I've downloaded the hardfloat packages and will try to figure out how to get that going on Jessie Headless. I'm trying to get Ubiquiti's Unifi Controller software running on Odroid. It runs on Raspbian on the Pi3 and I believe the secret is the Oracle hard float Java. At least from posts I've seen detailing prior failures (Odroid users) and prior successes (Odroid C1 and Raspberry Pi 2/3 users). Wish me luck haha.
  2. Anyone know if this is available? Apparently the Ubiquiti Unifi Controller software only works on Raspberry Pi Raspian because they have this so-called "Hard-float" version of Oracle Java. I'd rather use one of my C2s for the job but haven't had a chance to look into getting an official Oracle Java JDK installed yet. Thanks!
  3. Thanks a bunch for the reply. After doinking around for a bit with all of this I'm wondering if the best route isn't to just try to upgrade my cubox and odroid C2s all to stretch. I'm sure old versions of NetworkManager and FirewallD are only the beginning of the dusty old stuff I encounter on Jessie. Thanks again!
  4. Hi Folks, In my continuing adventures in Armbian (coming from RHEL/Fedora professionally), I've discovered that Jessie uses very old packages for various things I'd like to use to get closer to a Fedora-like experience. For example, I'd really like to use https://packages.debian.org/testing/net/firewalld. Any advice you could give on how to use some testing packages on Armbian? I thought ensuring 'backports' was listed in my /etc/apt/sources.list file would do it but alas no dice. I've tried the following command based upon this Debian wiki page: https://wiki.debian.org/Backports
  5. Ah - OK interesting. Thankfully the Cubox for all it's faults has a great serial chip on-board.
  6. Interesting. I'm coming from the Red Hat world where it's become the default filesystem (RHEL 7 and beyond); with RHEL 6 we defaulted to EXT4. I will just stick with EXT4 on ARM for now. Thanks for all the information, everyone!
  7. Any reason why an XFS kernel driver isn't included in the Armbian images? I'm coming from the RHEL world so I have no idea if it's common for Debian and it's variants to not have XFS support? I'm kind of baffled. root@cubox-i:~# cat /proc/filesystems nodev sysfs nodev rootfs nodev ramfs nodev bdev nodev proc nodev cpuset nodev cgroup nodev cgroup2 nodev tmpfs nodev devtmpfs nodev debugfs nodev securityfs nodev sockfs nodev pipefs nodev rpc_pipefs nodev devpts ext3 ext2 ext4 vfat nodev nfs nodev nfs4 nodev jffs2 nodev
  8. Hey Folks, After the Solid-Run screen I lose HDMI, serial works fine of course. Assuming the Cubox can't use my resolutions by default but I have no idea how to fix. Could anyone please point me in the right direction? $ xrandr Screen 0: minimum 320 x 200, current 1920 x 1200, maximum 16384 x 16384 VGA-0 disconnected (normal left inverted right x axis y axis) HDMI-0 disconnected (normal left inverted right x axis y axis) DVI-0 connected primary 1920x1200+0+0 (normal left inverted right x axis y axis) 518mm x 324mm 1920x1200 59.95*+ 1920x1080 60.00 1600x1200 60.00
  9. Thanks Igor! Much appreciated. Is there an announcement mail list or bugzilla where I can track these things? - KodiakFi
  10. Any word yet on whether the updates in the armbian repo are safe yet? I know one of the devs knew what the problem was and was going to fix it - that was the last I saw.
  11. Now my question is: How does the original confusing message show on the console anyway? Is it from the upstream distro, or the Upstart(?) program, or something that the Armbian devs added? If it's from the Armbian project I would assert that it can be worded in a less confusing way
  12. Just posting back in this thread that hitting 'enter' once did the trick, it's a full-fledged OS now. I've temporarily commented out the Armbian deb repo until I see the all-clear on here that updating won't softbrick my C2.
  13. Argh, actually I think I'm seeing the same thing. I'm on Jessie non-GUI 5.14 legacy build on a new Odroid C2 and I'm getting no visible cursor, even after fiddling with it in setterm. I did a google search and it looks like there might be some problem with sync to the refresh rate of the monitor so it can time the blink. So I have a guess based on googling, but no idea on a solution. I hope someone else who has fixed this already might be able to chime in.
  14. Have you tried taking the KVM out of the mix and plug directly into the C2?
  15. Ah - that is probably UDEV messing with your names. Please check out the posted answer here if you are curious: http://askubuntu.com/questions/689070/network-interface-name-changes-after-update-to-15-10-udev-changes