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  1. This system is working 24h/7/365 with installed quite a lot of daemon needed for automation system, that works and log to sd: the load is usually between 2 and 3. The power supply is the original power supply provided with OrangePI. Now I don't remember the SD card brand & model, usually I use premium ones because these systems are installed in remote locations. However I ran armbianmonitor -C on both partition of SD card (the first one is the system and the second one is for data and local automation programs). These are the results: orangepipc:~$ armbianmo
  2. Hi, some times ago I installed an Orange PI with armbian-5.31 (stable, kernel 3.4.113). Now I needed to upgrade some installed packages, but when I run apt-get upgrade at some point the process interrupts and the system reboots. Now I have an interrupted upgrade process, and each time I try to restart this process with sudo dpkg --configure -a the system try to upgrade the policykit-1, it reboots. Looking at messages or syslog I don't find any particular error. Any suggestion where to look for this problem ? Watchdog process could be responsible for su
  3. Thanks!.I'll take care that " such job is not recommended without access to console". Another question,according your esperience, it's worth continue using EMMC only ? Or I could put a good micro-SD (Samsung Evo or Sandisk Extreme) on Lime2, with a fresh installed system, leaving on EMMC my scripts, and maybe logs and collected data ? (in this case, I also can leave EMMC untouched in case something does not work / goes wrong).
  4. Hi guys! I've an Olimex LIME2 EMMC installed in a remote location: I installed it with Olimex provided image of debian Jessie, which has kernel 3.4.103-00033-g9a1cd03-dirty. The installation has been done over internal EMMC and it worked. Now, for various reason I would like to switch to armbian. I would like to install armbian over the existing image. so not to have to reinstall packages ad my local software. I would like to keep the installation on internal 4GB EMMC memory. I'm asking if it's possibile to do it without having to reinstall and possibily ov
  5. Done! I removed armbian-firmware and the library was still there: good! Then I checked no update was pending before reboot. Now everithing work fine. I could be nice if in future when a new armbian package release can overwrite another package (fowrwhatever reason) report how to deal with this situation, if it cannot be resolved automatically: for example warning about different files revision, sizes, benefits, drawback and so on. Of course this could be done just per armbian packages which you can control and manage, for other packages I think could be too much work or not reasonable.
  6. Probably I should ask this question in debian/ubuntu because is not specific to H3/H2 devices... Unfortunaly this board is in remote location and is connected trhough Wi-Fi, so if I make a mistake I will lost the connection
  7. I experencing the following error upgrading orangePI-PC with connected a WiFi ralink key: # apt-get upgrade Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree Reading state information... Done Calculating upgrade... Done The following packages will be upgraded: armbian-firmware 1 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded. Need to get 1,617 kB of archives. After this operation, 0 B of additional disk space will be used. Do you want to continue? [Y/n] Y Get:1 jessie/main armbian-firmware armhf 5.25 [1,617 kB] Fetched 1,617 kB in 11s (138 k
  8. I join to the crew of people with stability issue with Orange Pi. Usually I need to place SBC in rural areas to monitor solar production: tipical equipment is a board connected to ethernet or wifi, and with attacched one or two usb-rs485 converters. They run some simple sampling software, a webserver and php. Tipically very low load, no performance required. Once I've used a meanwell 15-5 for power supply, some other tumes chepear alternative, 5V 2A psu. In any case, a powerbank in the middle or lithium battery are used as USP (For power bank my choice is Easyacc PB10000CF, which usually is
  9. Found... the 3rd and 4th cable worked! Thanks!
  10. not uboot... But kernel begin to load it shuold output , or I have to wait last phase, around login to see the prompt ? Regarding the stuff used: 1) monitor I used both a DELLU2410 and a mini 7" monitor, 2) two different HDMI cables (I can try other two different cables) 3) I did not read 720p default, I ve tried different modes using h3disp 4) I've used the supplied power supply at beginning, but now I'm using a powerbank connected to power: EasyAcc PB10000CF) that works well as UPS and should provide 2A (I've tried different ones, most of them are not able to switch without interrupt
  11. I'm running an OrangePI PC with legacy Jessie server and armbian 5.23 and kernel 3.4.112. I never seen the ouput through the HDMI monitor. It's always without signal, even at boot when uboot start. Is that normal ? I played with h3disp, but it never work. I would like to see just the boot and the text console. Any suggestion ? Thanks
  12. The origin of overtemperature was a big router were the board was sitting : it was heating the case and then the board. Now, in the proper place, the board closed into its plastic case with heatisink, everything enclosed into IP65 abs case run nice at 35-37 C, so just 15 degree over-ambient. In the summer it will be not exposed to direct sunlight, it will be in a ventilated container with other elettronic equipments... so I hope not more than 40 degree of ambient temperature . I'll monitor and I'll tell you how it will work
  13. If I try echo 1 > /dev/watchdog after some second the machine reboot. Looking in /var/log/messages I see: Nov 17 16:17:09 localhost kernel: [ 3.249893] sunxi_wdt_init_module: sunxi WatchDog Timer Driver v1.0 Nov 17 16:17:09 localhost kernel: [ 3.259938] sunxi_wdt_probe: devm_ioremap return wdt_reg 0xf1c20ca0, res->start 0x01c20ca0, res->end 0x01c20cbf Nov 17 16:17:09 localhost kernel: [ 3.271394] sunxi_wdt_probe: initialized (g_timeout=16s, g_nowayout=0) Nov 17 16:17:09 localhost kernel: [ 3.284826] wdt_enable, write reg 0xf1c20cb8 val 0x00000000 Nov 17 16:17:09 localh
  14. armbianmonitor -m shows that my Orange PC temperature at idle was about 35 C when the board was open with ambient temperature of 20C. Then I added an heatsing with 3M strip attached that bought for another board but that perfectly fit on H3. Finally I put the board into the original clear case. Now armbianmonitor -m show temperature at idle around 47-50 C, so almost 30 degree over ambient, and about 15 degree more that when running open, without case and heatsing. Is normal this value inside that case ? I have to worry about it ? Take into account that the final destination will be into
  15. I've an OrangePI PC. I would like install, enable and start watchdog. I installed watchdog using apt-get install watchdog. But install seems to require some tweaks. I tried to googling but until now nothing works. Any hints ? Thanks!