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  1. @jock @fabiobassa hi after a long time! I have spent many hours, tried several times, blá blá blá After all, i got my board to work both with USB, and tried with Debian Image and nand was booted Fine! I would like to give a huge thank you to you and everyone who could make this possible! 😁😁😁 edit: I can't attach the images here, but in the link below has the proof and the df output https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=1VJeOQczDYVTannltNl4cq0wk6WtvWokI One more time, a big thank for u'all!!
  2. I got the multitool to work again (reinstall stock Android) , and It recognize nand again, but i already tried Installing armbian using multitool (stepnand, i forgot to say before), tried with rkdevelop too (with 4mb stripped as i read on older posts), but no sucess Installing It directly to sd card work well, but my old sdcard broke and the actual is only 4gb, and nand is 8gb @fabiobassa @jock I'll atach the board photos, some logs about nand i got from rkdeveloptool and the stock ROM i used before below: https://bit.ly/3kvflrj
  3. Hi, i tried to install to nand (Debian, Ubuntu, LE) using multitool but never boots, then i erased the nand with rkdevelop and tried to use the loader i find on the first page, but multitool stopped recognizing the nand What i can do? Rk3228A, Mxq Pro 4k, ssv6051p
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