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  1. I've tried your suggestion... you are absolutely correct and it works! Thanks so much. Time is correct after powering off/on with the Ethernet cable unplugged. It seems to me that the OrangePi builders should incorporate a RTC that works into their hardware so Linux illiterates such as I don't have to deal with this. To me, Linux and OPi are only tools to run applications, just as an airplane gets me to a destination. No pilot has ever quizzed me on The Theory of Flight before allowing me to buckle up. But OPi is not quite ready for the masses, I guess. BTW, just in case no one has stored this info to the forum, on my OPi PC+ system, the quiescent 5V current (just Armbian running, no user jobs) is 0.40A; when Armbian is booting up it is at least double that. After having problems with a 5V wall wart power supply months ago, I now run my system from a 12V 1A wall wart, then use a 5A switching regulator to power the OPi PC+ on 5V.... it works flawlessly. The only fly in the ointment is the operator... I guess that I will have to learn Linux someday... regretfully.
  2. I have an OPi PC+ running Armbian. Bought an RTC called "DS3231 for Pi" and connected the 3.3V, ground, SDA and SCL pins to the GPIO connector. Ran "sudo i2cdetect -y 0" and it prints a table with "UU" in position 0x68. Ran "hwclock -w -f /dev/rtc1" and the response was "bash: hwclock: command not found" I looked in a subdirectory of /etc/ and found fake_hwclock and hwclock.sh Can anyone tell me what is wrong? Perhaps I should have modified something else before running hwclock? Thanks...
  3. RagnerBG, I installed smplayer per your instructions with the hope that my OPi PC+ would then play .wav files. It did not. So, the problem is deeper in Armbian than the player itself.
  4. I have verified that HDMI audio works when playing a normal video file, but it seems that it will not play .wav files. This makes me suspect that there is something wrong with the audio system that prevents standard Linux text-to-speech programs from working. Igor, if you are not familiar with espeak and festival, do you know of any text-to-speech programs that do work on Armbian? I am no expert at all in this area.... all I want is something that will interface to a C program. If I cannot find anything that works with Armbian on an OPi PC Plus system, I will have to buy external hardware that will interface to the Linux machine via GPIO, but it seems silly to throw away all the audio capability in the Linux machine. Speech input and output is the .wav of the future (pun intended).
  5. It work! Thanks so much. May I ask another question.... text to speach... has it been tried using Armbian? I tried sudo apt-get install python-devsudo agt-get install espeaksudo apt-get install python-espeak and festival (may only work for RPi) but neither one caused an output, when run, on either the 3.5 mm audio jack or HDMI Of course, even when using iceweasel, I have never played a video or heard any sound.
  6. Well, I'm back... trying to move Linux from the SD card to emmc. - found file Install_to_emmc in desktop_scripts.tar.gz - copied to /usr/local/bin - typed "sudo su -" and the response is to change user to ~su - typed "install_to_emmc" response is "Permission denied" Any ideas?
  7. Thanks to everyone. My "newbie-ity" is showing. My apologies to the Armbian community for doubting the ability of the jessie image to work on the PC+. You know how it goes: new computer (OPi PC+), new SD card, new version of Armbian, new power supply wall wart. It's working now and the problem was.... tada .... the wall wart. Unfortunately, I saw the suggestion that Android might already be installed too late. But on the other hand, I rather like Armbian running on my other computer (OPi PC). Unlike most folks, my use for these gadgets is not as a media player, but as a home automation controller. I am going to try my hand at voice control and voice output, install a RTC, etc. On the OPi PC I already have two UARTs running independently, one for the network and one for a display. Keep up the good work and I await the availability of new features. No doubt you will hear from me again asking for help as I experiment with new features.
  8. PC+ arrived today. Formated 8 GB SD card with FAT32, copied Armbian_5.14_Orangepipcplus_Debian_jessie_3.4.112_desktop.raw onto it. Green LED turns on after power applied to the board, but within seconds the red LED turns on. No output at all on HDMI. I had previously gotten a OPi PC (not plus) to work and was using it for a month so I am surprised that the PC+ is having these problems. Any suggestions? Different Linux distro? In desperation, I plugged the SD card used for the OPi PC (not plus) and it boots for several seconds, with HDMI printout stopping at "Starting LSB: tune IDE hard disks" with the red and green LEDs on. Thanks in advance....
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