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    Ashtonites got a reaction from Igor in Brand New Orange Pi PC Plus Broken?   
    Thanks to everyone. My "newbie-ity" is showing. My apologies to the Armbian community for doubting the ability of the jessie image to work on the PC+.
    You know how it goes: new computer (OPi PC+), new SD card, new version of Armbian, new power supply wall wart.
    It's working now and the problem was.... tada .... the wall wart. Unfortunately, I saw the suggestion that Android might already be installed too late. But on the other hand, I rather like Armbian running on my other computer (OPi PC). Unlike most folks, my use for these gadgets is not as a media player, but as a home automation controller. I am going to try my hand at voice control and voice output, install a RTC, etc. On the OPi PC I already have two UARTs running independently, one for the network and one for a display.
    Keep up the good work and I await the availability of new features. No doubt you will hear from me again asking for help as I experiment with new features.