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    webbbn got a reaction from NicoD in RK3399 Legacy Multimedia Framework   
    This is great! Unfortunately, I'm not having any luck so far.
    I built my own image (I know, that's not the standard method, but I assumed it would be the same), and it doesn't have the media-buster-legacy-rk3399 package available. Next I tried downloading the standard M4V2 image (Armbian_20.11.3_Nanopim4v2_buster_legacy_4.4.213_desktop.img.xz), and it gets stuck on bluetooth while booting and get's stuck there.
    I'm going to try the neo4 image now. I assume the Armbian_20.11.3_Nanopineo4_buster_legacy_4.4.213.img.xz image is a desktop image?
    In any case, I'm very excided about this. I have gone through the process of building a few systems with the script, but would much prefer to have the capability in the standard image without having to go through the extra steps.
    Is it possible to e.g. have MPV display directly on the framebuffer, accelerated with another app (OSD) running in another, overlying framebuffer on rk3399?
    I need/want to be able to build my own image, so is there some repo I need to add to the standard build, or should that have worked with a normal build? I may have some build option set incorrectly.
    Edit: The neo4 is getting stuck on starting bluetooth as well. Is there any way to skip it?
    Got past the bluetooth error on startup. It apparently had gotten far enough to allow network logins, so I was able to login, update, and install the multimedia packages, and it's looking good now. I was able to smoothly play a 1080p video that I had lying around with mpv. Time to start playing!
    Can you give a hint on how to enable the camera? I don't see any overlays that seem to relate to the camera. Is there another package that I have to install to install additional overlays?
    I'm trying to get libmpv to work, and I keep getting the error "EGL_NOT_INITIALIZED". I even get that when I install and run qtcreator. Does that make sense to anyone?
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    webbbn reacted to NicoD in FA SOM-RK3399V2   
    hardware issue -> human error