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    Hugo Cardozo got a reaction from phillc54 in Armbian with OrangePi PC plus on eMMC?   
    I downloaded an orangepi.org image, flashed it to SDcard, booted it, login from serial console, and then I flashed an Armbian image directly to OPi+ eMMC
    # dd if=<armbian.img> of=/dev/mmcblkX I had the Armbian image on another USB thumb drive, and OPi+ has a lot of USB ports.
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    Hugo Cardozo got a reaction from tkaiser in Armbian for Orange Pi + does not boot   
    It didn't work, results attached.
    First I thought that, after I flashed Armbian on eMMC, my OPi+ won't boot a SD card anymore, just like Odroid-C2. But the orangepi.org images can boot from SDcard 

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