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  1. Thanks. I have the original firmware for my box. I'm decompiling BL2.
  2. As far as i know the amlogic boot sequence is (by design) : when the cpu start it looks for a bootloader in the emmc and if this fail then it looks for in the sd-card. In this thread you can read how it's made ( ) One thing is that for build these bootloaders are necessary some blob's from amlogic that match with your cpu, it's not the same for a S802 than a S905X2 for example. My first goal is try to build the bootloader for the S905X2 (amlogic u211/g12a platform). I've built the mainline u-boot for a board with this cpu and then join with the amlogic blob's but no luck. I keep in
  3. Hello to everyone. I'm new in this forum. I'm trying to install (or adapt to install) armbian in an A95X MAX. I've compiled the entire system on a virtual machine and now i'm trying to boot in the box but no luck, the problem is that I erased the emmc to force the cpu to boot from sd but don´t boot, the only text line i get (via serial console) is "G12A:BL:0253b8:61aa2d;FEAT:F0F831B0:12020;POC:F;RCY:0;EMMC:0;READ:0;CHK:1F;READ:0;CHK:1F;READ:0;CHK:1F;SD?:20000;USB:8;". Can anybody help me to decode what this line means? I'm broking the head but whitout result. Many thanks in adva