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  1. @jock I tried using precompiled rkbin and compiled rkdeveloptool. with rkbin, I was able to download the bootloader. After doing so, the other commands still don't seems to work. My final options are trying again with the sd card and burning the image directly into the emmc, in case it bricks can I force maskrom mode with the reset button or should I short a (inaccessible) clock pin? Edit: here is my original android image, if it can help someone https://drive.google.com/uc?id=1hygVXWKRF8IIezGyRdZqYMjIU27BTr9M&export=download Edit2: note that the config.ini is empty and I get errors when trying to pack the loader (-_-)$ cat config.ini firmware= loader= parameter= misc= boot= kernel= system= recovery= rockusb_id= msc_id= rb_check_off=true
  2. I tried using burning the images and the multitool into the sdcard with luck, the box still "ignores" the card and goes straight to maskrom (even without usb). how can I get the binary form of the loader? you gave me rk3328_loader.img, so I suppose I can turn it into a .bin I just don't know how. As expected no command work except list device (ld), all the other supposedly require a loader. I either have a "<operation> failed!" and for the download boot loader I get "Did not find loader item in config!" I think I just have to convert the .img into .bin so I can make more progress /home/atlas/rkdeveloptool (o_o)# sudo ./rkdeveloptool rfi Read Flash Info failed! /home/atlas/rkdeveloptool (o_o)# sudo ./rkdeveloptool ld DevNo=1 Vid=0x2207,Pid=0x320c,LocationID=201 Maskrom /home/atlas/rkdeveloptool (o_o)# sudo ./rkdeveloptool db Did not find loader item in config!
  3. @jock I don't know what to do with your image honestly. So far I tried unpacking it and I saw some files appearing. I am sure there's a procedure to do that properly if you can link it please?
  4. @jock thanks for your time, the emmc seems to be completely clean as it directly switches to maskrom mode. I think I am using a compiled version of the tool, but might try with different ones later. I might share the back up that I made (gzipped) hopefully it can be of some use to someone. I tried booting multitool form the sd card, but I will try hard using different images and different settings. will keep you updated
  5. @capricorn20 thanks for your reply. Unfortunately I just erased the flash before reading your comment, but I entered maskrom mode by pressing the button and using the usb. I hope I didn't brick my box because I may not backed up properly
  6. @hexdumpturns out it wasn't encrypted! Just out of curiosity I mounted my Mx linux partition to use rkdeveloptool with my Artix machine and it worked like a charm! I suppose Mx lacks drivers that Artix and ubuntu has? @jock I apparently made a back up of the whole emmc before erasing it, and tried to download some sections like trust or boot but I doubt it could be of any use. but another problem emerges, I can't write or read the empty emmc, I should be able to restore the original image in maskrom? I wish it were as easy as a block device to partition and format, but for the moment I wish to burn an Armbian image in the emmc. Can anyone help me with that?
  7. Is there something I am doing wrong? I keep getting errors, as if the connection wasn't stable, yet I can list the device. I can't read nor write anything to the emmc. I would want to backup the whole disk, just in case, then try to boot from sd or flash an image into the emmc.
  8. @jock After twisting some wires I was able to connect my computer to the device. Now as I try to collect information it takes a lot of time (few minutes just to print a partition?), and it seems like downloading boot loaders from the device isn't supported. At least I learned how to access directly an arm computer and use debug tool which can be valuable in the future
  9. First of, thanks for answering me Here is the pcb, front and back: https://imgur.com/a/pQhwSW6 after inserting the sd card with different settings, the box ignores the card completely as if not existing. I also linked the partitions of the sd card, maybe the boot flag should be put differently? Anyway, after pluging and repluging the power it still boots to android normally, note the sd card is recognized and can be read and written into by android. I just need to boot into linux, however and I could make my way through.
  10. thank you for linking this post, unfortunately even the multitool can't seem to boot or do anything. I suppose I need a box with a micro sd card for higher rates of success
  11. Greetings, After receiving an "mx10 pro 4k" 4gb 32gb I tried booting armbian on it. Strangely, after trying multiple images, dtbs I couldn't boot into armbian no matter what. Becoming frustrated I proceed to open the box which surprised me: both the dusty packaging and PCB advertise an rk3328, but after removing the heat sink I found out that it actually contains an rk3318 as adb and android warned me. https://imgur.com/a/Hv1Qlw3 Not only did I get "scammed" (the box still works on android, and the average user wouldn't even notice), but now I seem to own an unknown box as it seems I can't trust the seller for anything they said. So here I am, trying to reverse engineer the box, it doesn't contain apparent I2C or any other serial port but I successfully connected with adb root, I would like to extract the blobs but I never did such a thing before with android so help will be appreciated
  12. received an mx10 pro 4K basically a mxq rk3328, 4gb 32 emmc version: https://imgur.com/a/pQhwSW6 After digging legacy images and trying different dtbs (mostly rk3328-box, rk3328-mx10) I can't seem to boot into armbian no matter what with micro-sd + adapter. From what I read it could be an sd card adapter issue, so here are my questions: -should I try to boot from usb, if yes which port? -should I change the sd card adapter or just buy a full size card and try burning the image on it?
  13. Sure these are general images, I meant more of the personal ones that may have been adapted to a specific board model and revision
  14. btw is there a proper archive for every functionning armbian image? I know that images are spread here and there across the forum, but it would much better if every was organized and centralized by name and chip type, like on github or something
  15. As I said previously, using the faulty power supply the box keeps "blinking" but never stays on proving it is not booting properly. strangely, using usb as a power source worked for few boots, but now the box seems bricked. Using working 5v 1 A supplies or usb, the leds are really dim and no particular heating issue although no booting or signs of life(no static on the audio output). Will ask a refund from my seller as it seems a power supply problem (and not me bricking it with an sd card), hopefully I get a replacement or my money back to spend on a more supported rk322X board
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