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  1. Hey Igor, Can I take the image for RaspBerry PI4 from this website (https://github.com/armbian/community) for the PI3 board or is there another version somewhere? Kind regards Z. Matthias
  2. Hello all, As I have often said, I am very satisfied with this LINUX implementation on the RASPI PI4 board. In the meantime, I noticed one small thing and that was somehow related to the 4GB version of my RASPI. I often had to record a KERNEL crash here; this did not happen under the 8GB version until now. But now to my actual question: How can I activate the CAMERA port under this Linux version so that I can connect a camera there? Best regards Z. Matthias
  3. Thanks @Igor. I would like to check it and give you an feedback.
  4. Hello all, according to the hints on the ARMBIAN homepage the image "Armbian_23.02.0-trunk_Rpi4b_lunar_edge_6.1.5.img" should work with the Raspi 3. Unfortunately it does not work properly, the system does not want to boot with it.... The name of the image says that it was generated for Raspi4, but -as I said- the homepage says that this image would also be compatible for the other Raspberry systems mentioned there. Can anyone tell me what the reason could be, because I would love to use this ingenious image for the Raspi 3. Best regards from Berlin Z. Matthias
  5. Hello all, I have installed the image "Armbian 23.02.0-trunk.0176 Lunar with bleeding edge Linux 6.1.6-bcm2711" on my two Raspi 4 systems. One system runs via cable and the other via WLAN. At the beginning there were some problems with the IPv6 - kernel, if "apt update" was executed. I got this problem under control with "disable ipv6".... Since then, both systems run flawlessly & without problems. With the implementation of GPIO you should fall back on an existing GPIO - version, which works in any case also under this image; also for 64bit. One small thing I would like to know very much, because on the system with the cable the WaveShare PoE - HAT is installed and I would like to monitor via software very much the FAN. Unfortunately, this does not work because the software does not see "I2C". In the Config - File, however, you see this as "enable" - What can I do here? Does anyone have an idea how I can enablen the I2C so that this works? Best regards from Germany..... Z. Matthias
  6. Hey JMCC, thank you so much for your help. But I can't find this file: media-buster-legacy-rk3399 So, what can I do now? IS there any other subjects or ideas? best regards from Berlin Z. Matthias
  7. Hey Werner, this is the NoIR - Camera from Raspberry (original). Best regards Z. Matthias
  8. Hey Werner, thank you very much for this help. And YES, that was it. In first time, I disable the following 2 Services: * armbian-ramlog.service * armbian-zram-config.service With ONLY disabling the service "armbian-zram-config.service", it was not enough. But now, it is work and I am happy, because one of my system has still shutdown this night while the volume "/var/log" is going to 100%.... Thank you very much for your help... Z. Matthias
  9. Hello all, I have a question today regarding ARMBIAN - Linux and the configuration of the ZRAM .... Under the ARMBIAN for RockPI 4 I have a ZRAM for the SWAP and a ZRAM for /var/log. Is it possible that I change this configuration and use the eMMC memory for these two areas? Because the big problem with /var/log is that it is simply too small and thus constantly runs into "ERROR" -> volume full. Thank you very much and I am looking forward to constructive contributions to solve my problem. Kind regards
  10. Hello all, I wanted to start using the camera on my RockPI 4B today, but unfortunately I can't find an entry for it under "armbian-config" and under "boot/config*" I personally can't clearly identify the setting/parameter for it. Can you please help me with this? That would be very helpful for me, thank you. Kind regards Z. Matthias
  11. Hello all, I have a RockPi 4B in use and wanted to connect my 7" display from Raspberry via the display port. According to these instructions, it should also work. https://wiki.radxa.com/Rockpi4/hardware/display#Raspberry_Pi_7_inch_Touch_Display But unfortunately I can't find this file under "boot" because I'm using an ARMBIAN image. How can I address this 7" display? Can anyone help me here? Best regards from Berlin Z. Matthias
  12. Hello together, I have a RockPI 4B board with the extension for M.2 SSD applications. I wanted to install a 120 GB SSD disk, but unfortunately I cannot find it under "fdisk -l". Can anyone help me here with what I can do? Are there any tricks or the like to make this work? Kind regards Z. Matthias
  13. Thanks Igor, I look after the setting for the fans myself, for example, but it could have been that by chance the person knows what he did differently, for example, in the 4 - images, than in the 5 - image. I also wanted to point out with it also only that I noticed there. It should not come across as a reproach and kind of command from me. For it I maich much too long already around in the computer science, in order to know, what that means. I, for example, have always been grateful for such hints. Nevertheless, my extraordinary thanks again to all of you that you deliver a super JOB with the creation of such an image. Thanks for everything & please, if I can help you in any way, feel free to contact me.
  14. ...BUT! It's only work with these two images: Armbian_21.08.0-trunk_Jetson-nano_buster_current_5.10.43.img Armbian_21.08.0-trunk_Jetson-nano_buster_legacy_4.9.140.img NOT with the DESKTOP - Images or any other images. I've tested these all of functionality with WLAN. Is there any information about the FAN-Connector? Because on the Image: Armbian_21.08.0-trunk_Jetson-nano_buster_legacy_4.9.140.img it's work directly from startup and on all the other images NOT. Best regards from Berlin Matthias
  15. Hello together, Yes it seems that the firmware "iwlwifi" was not installed. If I install this firmware I saw, that "wlan0" is enable. Please careful about "wpa_supplicant.conf" -> it doesn't need Country or anything else. Only the "network - Setup" is necessary. Thank' s all for your help....
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