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  1. Kia ora. I am aware that the external USB ports on the Helios are able to deliver up to 900mA per port. I am wondering whether it is possible to find a power source inside the Helios64 that would be able to deliver, say, 2.5A at 5v? Maybe somewhere quite soon after the 12v power in...? 🤔 Jon
  2. Kia ora, oksion, Many thanks! That is just awesome 🙏 I now just need to wait the 2-8 weeks for delivery to Aotearoa New Zealand 😉 Jon
  3. Hello. So, really sorry to hear that Team Kobol are disbanding. Many thanks to all who worked so hard to put the Helios64 together. I am really pleased with my Helios64, and am grateful for being able to get hold of one of these. Thank you! 🙏 What with one thing an another, I never got hold of a UPS battery; the battery couldn't be shipped with the original shipment, due to restrictions on shipping Li-Ion batteries; and then the additional postage costs for sending the battery seperately were prohibitive for Team Kobol, which I completely understand, so I chose not to pay the extra for the battery. However, it would be really useful for me to build one of these, from locally sourced components (I live in New Zealand). The wiki page here (https://wiki.kobol.io/helios64/ups/) mentions that it is possible for users to build their own battery if they keep the specifications correct. I want to give this a go, so that I can get the UPS working on my box. So. I can source Panasonic NCR18650BD cells here in New Zealand. So that's step one done. The protection IC, HY2120, is a little vague. The Hycon website here (https://www.hycontek.com/en/products-en/3180) lists several variants of the IC. And while sellers on AliExpress list these as being available, I don't know the exact spec to select. Does anyone know? Tthen, there is mention of a thermistor to monitor the cells temperature. Here, I don't know where to begin. What temperature is regarded as the threshold? What particular thermistor should I be looking for...? Many questions. And then, finally, there is getting the correct connector, to plug the home-made UPS battery onto the board. I assume it's a Molex type connector, but again, I don't kow enough in order to get the correct one. I am more than happy to give this a go myself, if anyone is able to give me a few specifics about what I should be purchasing. Many thanks to you, Jon
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