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  1. So I have have some major happenings this week such as my home has had partial power for the last several days. Doesnt look like it will get better for a while yet! But decided to play around with this last night despite the power! ok, I had downloaded Armbian several months ago and installed it (Working) several times, gone through the update/upgrade process, installed rpimonitor and tightvncserver. but last night I did all of this and none of these worked, well, the update/upgrade worked but I am not able to log in via vnc and I am not able to reach the rpi monitor page. I am thinking the latest upgrades have changed some things as I have noticed others having issues mentioned in the forum as well. Is there something I am missing. Or do I need to put this on hold till these bugs get worked out?
  2. Is it a MUST to use debian server or can I use the desktop version as I would like to enable remote desktop so I dont have to leave it plugged into a monitor or anything?
  3. Great, That's a good start, I will try this later this evening and post the results after. Thanks. I remember this now as being one of the problems!
  4. This seems very similar to the article that Igor had pointed me to, for some reason I could not install the prereqs. Just to give a better understanding, I have an OPiPC+ using the latest Armbian. It was a few months ago, but I believe I installed Armbian Server for this. I do not know if that is debian or Ubuntu, I believe it is debian, but i dont think it is 8.1 which is where i beleive the problem may be. I understand my level of knowledge seems like I am biting of much more than I should, but I am determined, and if I can find some good information to help me understand than I CAN get this figured out. I just need some help to get me started in the right direction and hints along the way. Thanks.
  5. http://forum.armbian.com/index.php/topic/1867-recommendations-please-for-a-noob-opipc-and-asterisk-wgui/ Igor Administrator Administrators 2441 posts Posted 19 August 2016 - 09:33 PM Our desktop is already lightweight as possible. There are only few applications, which you might not need: libreoffice-writer thunderbird icedoveUninstall them if you thing it's urgent to do so. I never built Asterix but since Armbian desktop is Debian based, I would check guides like this: https://www.howtofor...risk-on-debian/ Haha, it was you who gave me the article. it seems i cant access it anymore (BEWARE, accessing it now may bring a virus warning page) but in following the steps, I only got a few steps in. basically to the prereqs. I could not get past them as I could not install them all. I am thinking the page was outdated and may not have the best install options now.
  6. Looking for help on how to install either freepbx or elastix on the OPiPC+ running latest Armbian desktop jessie. I was pointed an article awhile back but it did not work and I am by no means an expert! Any and all help is welcome. Thanks
  7. Hey, I am very noob to the whole linux experience. How do you install a remote desktop server to my OrangePi PC+ using Armbian. Also, is there a simple website for ppl like me to learn how to work with Armbian. I will say I have used Ubuntu and can get around a lot better because of the simplified GUI that makes the experience more like MS Windows. Edit: Nevermind to the first Q, I found it. But could someone give me some info for the second Q? Thanks
  8. I am assuming you are recommending I use the desktop version as opposed to the other 2 versions.
  9. Please give me your recommendation for my OPiPC+ to use Armbian and Asterisk I see there are 3 options for Armbian for my model. I am not good with linux and would prefer a GUI for both Armbian and Asterisk. Also I am wanting as "Lightweight" as possible. I will not be using the OPi for anything else but a phone system. Also could you give me steps to take to add Asterisk to Armbian. Thanks
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