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  1. Hi @SteeMan! Thanks for reaching out. We are great fans of Armbian! This project rests on the great previous work by @balbes150 and as followed up on by @awawa. We have simply updated those patches. Currently, our plan was to keep updating our patches (and add other boxes such as the work being done by @jock), but if there is interest in making this a CSC build, I am more than happy to discuss how you'd like us to proceed. It is certainly our intent to handle all support and not place any burden on Armbian folks. Is there a good way to discuss in real time? You can reach me here: mike at inovato.com. I am US West Coast.
  2. For background, this is part of our project to bring an Armbian-based TV Box to market. See our home page at https://www.inovato.com.
  3. For anyone wanting to build from mainline, we have posted an article with our patches. These include AC200 Ethernet and XR819 wifi support in kernel 5.15.y. For edge builds, AC200 Ethernet is supported. To support the XR819, we'll have to create more patches for the changes in kernel 5.19. The link is https://www.inovato.com/article/building-armbian.
  4. @paradigman Sorry to take a few days to reply - was buried in another project and had put the rockchip boards away. For me, one issue was Bluetooth, so not sure it is the same issue you see. Bluetooth appears to be a BCM43342. And even though the BCM43342.hcd file existed, Bluetooth couldn't find any devices in a scan. My fix was to symlink the default BCM.hdc to this BCM43342.hcd file, a less-than-clean solution. But I wasn't able to find anything else that worked. I believe @awawa ran into the same issue. For WiFi, I don't recall an issue with any parts that ended in 30 or 34 (eg, sp6330, sp6334, FX8934, or HCY6334). Also the LG642 worked for me. Not sure how that relates to the part you have. Sorry if this isn't helpful! ;(
  5. I can't help answer this question directly as I haven't encountered this module before, nor the problem of one being discovered but not connecting. That said, there are many different part numbers for what is essentially the same module. As a general rule of thumb, look at the last two digits and compare to the Broadcom part numbers. In this case, it would likely be a brcm4334 as discovered. If it ends in 30, it would likely be a brcm4330. Of course, that doesn't explain why it doesn't connect. I'll defer to @jock or others that have more experience with these things...
  6. Yeah, I already though of some co-existance issues so previously tried turning WiFi off completely. That didn't help. And with WiFi on, it works just fine with the BCM.hcd symlink to BCM43342.hcd . I agree everything is there, but it seems it is looking for a different filename so doesn't find the working BCM43342.hcd file and only works via the fallback symlink I added. Since it can't find what it is looking for, seems it can't be any other existing file. So how to guess the right name to symlink? For now, the fallback works for me, but I agree, not a very universal solution.
  7. @jock, Thanks for the tip. Now I understand how this is supposed to work. I was able to get it working, but only using a symbolic link from BCM.hcd to BCM43342.hcd. It looked like the filename would be BCM43342A1 (see dmesg below), but no such luck with that link. In reading the previous posts, it seems @awawahad the same issue, but I may be reading it wrong. So I am not sure how to cleanly fix this. At least we know BCM43342.hcd works. Happy to test anything you'd recommend. But thank you for helping me get it at least working! test
  8. Board photo and dmesg attached. Note this model is called "H96 max v11" which I gather is due to it shipping with Android 11. It doesn't matter which LED overlay is selected, with either, bluetooth is detected but can't find any devices. RK3318-config identifies WiFi as "BCM334/AmPak AP6334". The markings on the chip itself, however, don't seem helpful. Note the marking on the board is "KX 1943...". dmesg_h96_max_v11
  9. I have flashed an X88 Pro 10 box and run rk3318-config. Wifi is identified as BCM4334 correctly and works. Bluetooth is found but using XFCE 'devices' option, finds none. I tried a second model (H96 Max) and it behaves the same. If I plug in a TP Link bluetooth adapter, devices are found and work fine. Anyone else running into this?
  10. For the T95 Max, blue is 356, Red is 359, active low. T95 mini is reversed. Easy way to control is sysfs.
  11. Yes, use @awawa's image.
  12. Those errors also happen on my builds right at the end of the process. I haven't looked into them but they do not seem to cause any issues.
  13. The doc I posted a few days ago in this thread on building from mainline includes a patch to fix eMMC and everything is fully documented there. I use it and it works well. I find these boxes are far more responsive when running from eMMC vs SD. Plus, it frees up the SD slot for use as a removable storage device. Or, if you install something like Balana Etcher, it can even flash it's own images from a URL. We provide our products pre-flashed to eMMC so they are ready to plug in and use. With the patch, you can boot from SD and flash eMMC using armbian-config in the usual way (basically, take the first option all the way through the menus and it will start).
  14. MBB


  15. @awawa Great news you are switching to mainline. It will be fantastic to have someone maintain a Tanix H6 build again! THANK YOU FOR SHARING ALL YOUR WORK ON THIS! On a somewhat related topic, I am working with a manufacturer in China to (hopefully) sell the Tanix-compatible T95 Mini under a new name to avoid confusion, with EMMC, preflashed with Armbian so ready-to-use out of the box. If anyone is interested in such a product, please let me know. @awawa's repo works flawlessly. For anyone considering a Tanix-compatible box, I highly recommend the T95 Mini (with EMMC - often these get shipped with NAND unless you check and they understand what you are even asking ). The reason why we like the T95 Mini is it seems to run cooler than any other compatible model. It is also really small and inexpensive. Thanks again @awawa!
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