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  1. Neo2SHYAlien

    Odroid M1

    I tested with a new SD card still wont to boot at all. I tested with same SD card ubuntu image from hardkernel and there is no problem with booting. I suppose there is something in the partitioning. I used for UART adapter an old ardoino uno but didn't get any proper output
  2. Neo2SHYAlien

    Odroid M1

    @rpardini thank you for your work. Unfortunately I have only NVMe on my board. I test just in case to install the provided images via petitboot microusb, but without success. p.s I found an old SD card but my board dont start at all with sdcard in it. I will get a new one later
  3. Neo2SHYAlien

    Odroid M1

    I'd love to be a beta tester soon when a beta images are available :)
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