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  1. So VY 73 and Grazie, de LZ4TU taaa ti ti taaa *Excuse me for the offtopic but could not resist, for those not knowing Morse code and are not HAMs each CW QSO finish with TU, on morse: _ .._ meaning Thank You! Good team here: @jock, @ilmich, @fabiobassa and so much great contributors, ofcourse the leading @Igor , Thanks again, wish you all good luck!
  2. I have few USB dongles working, bough for 1.5EU each, it was not a matter of money, nor WiFi desperately needed. It's was a matter of "make things working" or at least "to know why it is not working". Thanks everybody here, you are such a talents !
  3. Without using led-conf7 overlay no HDMI, IDK about WiFi, but strongly doubt it has, even didn't check it and no boot logs. WiFi was working on Android with some old 3.x kernel. I think i should listen to @jock and finally once and forever to forgot about some WiFi problems when they arise, as i spent much time on that, instead of just using LAN or USB WiFi, but if you need some debug info i could sent a log. If the driver is not included in Linux kernel, which i think, as i believe in @jock and i have to compile all i am just off...
  4. Hello all, I have here R29_MXQ_221_V1.0_1008, WiFi is RTL8723AS. I used this image: Armbian_24.2.5_Rk322x-box_jammy_current_6.6.22.img Added line in /boot/armbianEnv.txt >> overlays=led-conf7 as respected @jock advice. Now Armbian boot from uSD, but no WiFi, i have a backup of Android kernel, from where i can extract DTB if needed. What should i do about the Wifi ? I can even try to change the WiFi module with another HW...
  5. Read those manuals: Thanks Jock and paolosabatino! You have to erase eMMC with multitool to be able to boot Armbian images from SD, then when you have preferable image, you can burn it to eMMC again with multitool. So before all you should make a backup of eMMC again with multitool. Even better try to find original android image for your box before erase eMMC. Extract DTB is also recommended. Good luck! PS, never opened this T9, as usually I open them only if I need to find test point with the oscilloscope, which mean: "things gone wrong"
  6. Thanks @Alex ThreeD , already done it, that was the easy part, but in the moment when I start openvfd.service and LED display is OK i get armbian-led-state.service fail. Tried few different ways, but could not succeed to made a working LED without failed armbian-led-state.service, so i left it failed...
  7. Yes, somewhere back you had told that you want to rewrite it and make it compatible and put it to the kernel and now when i dig in it i understand very well what exactly you have mean. So I will left the thing as is for now, just will find the right config because now, only me and few "enlightened ones" can read the time correctly from this wonderful clock , showing 09:27 at the example.
  8. First I want to say BIG thanks to @jock for his hard work! I am runing Armbian_23.11.1_Rk3318-box_jammy_current_6.1.63_xfce_desktop.img on a T9 box with RK3318, even The Bluetooth is working! I want to say thanks to @paradigman for his post here https://forum.armbian.com/topic/26978-csc-armbian-for-rk3318rk3328-tv-box-boards/?do=findComment&comment=135469 , finally i succeeded to see something on my 7segment display and even if it is upside down i am very happy! What i did is extacted kernel from Android, then extract DTB from it, than decompile to DTS and find that: Than i correct the DTS from @paradigman like this: Than installed the kernel headers from armbian-config and follow the steps from @paradigman Now the question is: can i rotate the display and can i lit the WiFi and Network indicators and how? And also i will love the "Play" symbol to blink with heartbeat after booting by adding to "/etc/rc.local" something like: echo heartbeat > /sys/class/leds/working/trigger MyT9_dtc_out.dts
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